Instagram’s eCommerce is About to Take Off

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

Instagram is showing some real love for their creators

Creators have always been a staple for Instagram’s community. They are a part of what makes Instagram great by producing continuously great content and staying up to date on all the hottest trends. This past month alone, users have gotten some incredible new features. All are in an effort to help the community stay better connected and support their friends, family, and the brands that they love most. However, most importantly, these new features bring Instagram’s ecommerce to a whole new level. Providing a mix of monetization tools has allowed brands of all sizes, giving them new ways to make money and build their brand even further.  Most recently, Instagram has announced its newest revenue options for IGTV, which enables broadcasters to receive revenue from ads and receive donations from their users. This along with other recent updates on the app, which we are about to discuss, opens up many opportunities for those who are struggling to stay afloat. It allows them to continue running their business, and if utilized correctly it can lead to great results.  

Support Small Business Stickers

The COVID-19 crisis has put many businesses in a tough spot financially, many of them being small businesses. As a way to help keep people informed and help businesses reach new customers, Instagram introduced their new “Support Small Businesses” sticker. People can mention businesses directly in the sticker and add it to their story to help raise awareness for their favorite business and give them a shout out. It will then be added to a shared Instagram story where, not only their followers can view it, but also other businesses that people are supporting with use of the sticker. This feature is a great way to expand your reach at no cost, but it isn’t the only free addition to the app.

Shops on Instagram

Instagram’s ecommerce will likely be incredibly effective at raising revenue. After introducing Instagram Shops, now it’s easier than ever for consumers to shop their favorite brands. Unlike the shoppable product tags, which drives users off the platform to an outside link, Shops offers the convenience of an in-app purchase. These shops serve as immersive, fullscreen virtual storefronts that offer businesses the opportunity to build their brand story and drive product discovery. While businesses can customize and curate products into themes that tell their brand story, customers can link their favorite Shops to their profile, browse products and explore just like they would on a website. This update was just the start of their ecommerce upgrade. 

Introducing Badges in Live

Instagram live has been an entertainment hub for many users, especially during the pandemic. This new feature brings relationship building to a new level. Not only does it offer users a new way to support their favorite creators while standing out in the comments. It also helps creators notice their most loyal fans and have the opportunity to address them personally. The badges are small, digital hearts which will appear next to a user’s name during the live video. Up to three badges can be purchased ranging from one to five dollars to donate. Purchasing a heart unlocks additional features including placement on the creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.


A couple weeks ago, Instagram announced that all users can now save their live videos and broadcast them to their IGTV, keeping it available for viewing. IGTV has given many creators a powerful place to create long-form content that shows a more creative, personal side of their brand. The most recent update, and possibly the biggest is the introduction of ads in IGTV. Like the badges do, adding ads to IGTV creates a financial incentive for creators to create more content for viewers. To show even more support to their creators, Instagram decided to share advertising revenue with them, rewarding them for the hard work they put in to make the app what it is today. According to Instagram, the ads will first appear when a user clicks on a video in IGTV and are up to 15 seconds long. Various technicalities will be adjusted throughout the year to ensure a good end result for everyone using the app. Depending on how fast IGTV ads roll out, and the benefit creators see, it could become a much more relevant platform, very quickly. 

Looking Ahead

Given the 70 % increase in viewership, it’s no wonder that the app wants to find opportunities to both benefit the community as well as keep that good content stream flowing. These new features are about to make Instagram a more competitive space for creators, providing expanded opportunities for creators, along with more content for Instagram. People are looking for more ways to connect and watch content. With video content getting the most engagement on Instagram, it makes perfect sense for them to double down on their video sharing features. The big brand plans to make more moves over the upcoming months regarding their support for creators, offering even more ways for users to explore and connect online. They announced that they plan to expand shopping access to creators who want to sell, as well as access to Brands Collab Manager for finding potential brand partners. It’s clear that they have a lot planned for their ecommerce, and utilizing these new tools is going to require some strategy. 

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