Instagram goes black and white

If you’re like me, you’re part of Instagram’s recent ‘design test’. A small percentage of the app’s global community is a part of it too and have noticed it after updating the app.

Instagram replaced the traditional blue and orange mixed design with a black, white and gray color scheme. This theme interface gives more attention to pictures and adds a more modern look.

As you can see, there’s also a change in the icons. The Activity icon was once a heart inside of a comment box, but is now just a heart outline.¬†The central camera icon now looks more like an actual camera as opposed to the¬†circle embedded within a square. The notification icon, which displayed a comment box housing a heart symbol, has been replaced with just a heart. And finally, the icon for user profile is now an icon of the person, instead of the user’s profile picture.

This is one step of many you will see upcoming in the future, which indicates the app is finally taking steps to modernize itself. It is uncertain whether Instagram intends to expand the roll out of the new layout to users globally. However, this indicates that Instagram may be working on a bigger change. Unlike its parent company (Facebook) Instagram has been slow when it comes to making major changes.

Instagram keeps up with tradition and seems to be rolling out the current changes only to some users for further feedback.

What are your thoughts on this change?

Let us know if you like this color scheme better than Instagram’s traditional one in the comment section.