Instagram for Business

Instagram has become a powerful mobile platform for advertisers. Their core lays on bringing an experience that feels native to the platform, using the most efficient form of communication: visuals and audiovisuals. According to their business page, they have measured more than 400 campaigns global with Nielsen Brand Effect, and discovered that their sponsored posts were 2.8 higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. Today we will explore some examples of great Instagram strategies that have been implemented by brands in a creative way, and we’ll analyze how can these tactics can be translated to a small business as well. But first, lets mention some of the benefits of the platform.

  1. Evolving formats to serve marketing goals. Instagram is at the top of marketing trends, which means that for every new trend, they will be in charge of teaching people about a new product or service.
  2. Enhanced targeting. We can now target people by interests, evolving the message to become more effective.
  3. Equally useful for large or small business. People want to connect with business of all sizes.

Successful Instagram Campaign Examples Example 1: Marc Jacobs #CastMeMarc, Objective: Recruiting
How did they do it? Jacobs called for aspiring models to tag their photos with #CastMeMarc to be considered for the Fall 2014 campaign. Results? 70,000 applications via the hashtag.

How can we use it? By letting people interact with a company using a hashtag, you allow them to create content for your company and start a real conversation. If you’re looking for your next employee, like a new chef, a marketing manager or something of that sort, this can be a great way to connect and at the same time create word of mouth for your company.

Example 2: Applebe’s Fan Photographer, Objective: Customer Interaction
How did they do it? The campaign urged customers to tag pictures of their delicious meals for a chance to have their image featured on the Applebee’s official Instagram account. Results? Applebee’s increased their Instagram following by 32% and engagement by 25%.

How can we use it? This is not only a great way to increase customer interaction, but a great opportunity to increase your fan base by giving away prizes with fun contests.   Example 3: Starbucks White Cup Challenge, Objective: Customer Feedback
How did they do it? Starbucks challenged their creative customers to customize their iconic white cups and tag their submissions on Instagram with #WhiteCupContest. Results? 4,000 submissions in three weeks!

How can we use it? There are many ways to expand this idea! If you’re launching a new product and want customer feedback on how it should be named, or maybe you can potentially get the next idea for the theme of your after-work party! Consult with your customers and you will be able to craft something that will be special for them.

Instagram has demonstrated itself as a great way to interact with customers. Jump on this wagon and you’ll certainly see a growth on your communities, customer feedback and ROI. — What do you think? Do you love Instagram and want to share an opinion?

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