Instagram 101 – An Introduction to Today’s Hottest Social Media App

Okay okay, so let’s be real. Instagram doesn’t just mean take a picture, choose a filter, and then post it. It’s an art, that’s the beauty of the app, and that’s probably why I’m so addicted to it. One does not simply Instagram … unless you truly understand Instagram etiquette. In this post, I’m going to cover Instagram etiquette must-knows and how you can #gain(z) more likes…because really that’s what we want these days, am I right social media lovers? 😉

Now, I’m not saying this is the only way to Instagram. Of course you are free to “Insta” whatever you want, whenever you want. But, here are the top tips that I found helpful when Instagramming.

1.       #EEEEEATS


Well, I have to start off with this because who doesn’t love food? You know what’s even better? A clean, attractive Instagram picture of a delicious meal. Food is the language of love. No matter who or where you are, the world can agree on a common love for food. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a twenty-something millennial with a love for all things food related (like me), then you should snap some shots of your dishes & show people what you’ve got to offer! I went to brunch in NYC last weekend with my friend and of course I snapped some shots! The restaurant we went to was called The Blue Dog Café, and they have a mouthwatering menu from kale smoothies to gourmet omelets. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Scrolling through food on Instagram can be fun, but while you’re at it, look up recipes and have a fun DIY cooking session yourself! Do this by using hashtags (such as #EEEEEATS) on Instagram to get some ideas! For more delicious meals, follow @Infatuation, if you think you can handle it.

2.      Tag Yo’ Location.

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Add your location (geotag) to your posts by turning the “Add to Photo-Map” button on and then press “Name this Location.” Select the business from the list that appears instantly or just search for it and add it.

Why should I tag my location, you may ask? Well, for starters, when you press the blue linked location, you can see other Instagrammed pictures of people at the same location. It’s a cool way to connect with others, as well as see what snapshots others have taken.

Secondly, it also helps businesses with brand awareness. So if you are working on a start-up or want to advertise your friend’s business, then tagging your location is the perfect solution.

3.      Make Your Profile Public.

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Flaunt yourself. All jokes aside, one of the easiest ways to get more followers and likes on Instagram is by making your account public. By allowing anyone to view your profile, you’re exposing yourself to a wider audience and allowing potential new followers to see who you are. Let them see the person behind the logo! All celebrities and hilarious accounts (i.e.@thefatjewish) do it and just look at their stats.

The downside? Well, people can pretty much track where you are, but an entourage never hurt anyone.

(Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any potential stalkers…)

4.      Use Other Apps like Whitagram or VSCO Cam.

Before vs. After using VSCO Cam

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Remember when we were limited to the famous (and somewhat annoying) Instagram square for uploading pictures? Well, thankfully, Instagram just made their biggest change yet. As of late, Instagram now allows users to fit their whole landscape picture straight from the app, so forget about using other apps for that purpose (sorry No Crop).

Also, no one really uses Instagram filters anymore. Edit your picture before uploading to Instagram using trendy apps like VSCO Cam (Free), Instasize (Free), or Afterlight ($0.99). If you want to create a collage, Instagram’s newest app, Layout (Free), allows you to seamlessly create collages and transition back to Instagram once you’re done.

5.      Be Yourself.

Beyoncé said it best, but I can’t stress this enough. I know it’s cliché and I know we’ve heard it a million times, but I’m being serious here. Regardless of who your followers are, it’s vital to remember that your Instagram = YOU and your unique personality. While Instagramming, try to keep in mind that it’s your logo, voice, and emotions being heard and branded. Learn how to translate that through Instagram. Get started. People will love it.

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