In This World, Your Web Site’s Design Is Everything

You have a problem. Your website hasn’t been updated in a long, long time. You can’t even remember the last time it was updated, actually. You hired your friend and paid them a few hundred dollars just to get something basic. Just so you have something that you can show people.

The problem is, your website is clunky. It’s old. It’s slow. It doesn’t even reflect any of your businesses recent accomplishments. And you moved, you say? Nope, nothing indicates that.

And worst of all, it looks like crap. Your logo doesn’t even look anything remotely like the one you are currently using. The menus don’t even pull out. And how the hell do I contact you?

Recently, I spoke about how creating a well designed Facebook landing page was intrinsically important for attracting potential fans and customers on Facebook.

And guess what? It’s no different for websites. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Your Website Grants You An Opportunity To Make a Sale

Chances are, if you’re a design company, you don’t have an unattractive website. For that, I applaud you with a subtle golf clap.

But for everyone else, design most likely takes a backseat. That’s understandable because, in most cases, you’re not trying to appeal to that web designer that just so happens to be looking for car repairs.

Worse, if your website is extremely unappealing, chances are you’re not really appealing to anyone. It’s hard enough to convince visitors to book an appointment or utilize your services when you have a well designed website that people don’t mind spending time on. It’s almost impossible when you have a website that nobody wants to spend time on.

2. It Allows You to Convince Me

You’re probably thinking about it right now: Tell me something that I don’t already know. Convince me.

Articles must be written in such a way so as to grab hold of a reader’s attention and never, under any circumstances, let go.

Websites, too, must be designed with a similar objective in mind. Your objective — or at least it should be — is to capture the visitor and turn them into a client or customer of your business.

A poorly designed website typically provides no route for convincing. In essence, it is a barren wasteland for tumbleweeds to roll through. When you’re trying to convince me that I need to purchase your products or services, but your website doesn’t even give me a reason why, I’m probably not buying it.

3. It Lets You Boast About Your Success

Your business is a success. You know that because revenue is continually growing every quarter, you have plenty of loyal customers and your clients rarely have anything negative to say about you. Life is good.

Now show me! Give me a well designed website to look at. Have it detail all of your businesses recent accomplishments. “We just had our 100 thousandth customer today!” Awesome, but that needs to be indicated somewhere on the website, too.

A well designed website tells me that you’re not desperate for customers and that you don’t need me. That’s fine, that’s attractive even. I’d be more inclined to do business with your company now, because you’ve revealed that your business is successful because it must be doing something well, and a lot of other people agree. Sign me up!


Still, there are many, many more reasons why having a well designed website absolutely trumps something that was thrown together in MS Paint by your brother-in-law’s technically savvy son.

Make potential customers lust for your brand. Make them salivate over your products or services.

But most importantly, give them a reason to do business with you by creating a cohesive web presence.

Stop boring them, and start exciting them!