If you dislike the new Instagram algorithm, here’s how to tackle it!

by Kiersten Leone, Content Creator at MSM DesignZ.


Back in the day, businesses could post on Instagram and their post would show up in chronological order. However, due to a new change on Instagram’s algorithm, that is no longer the case. In order to be successful on Instagram, businesses must work with the algorithm and not against it!

There are a few factors that Instagram takes into consideration when analyzing and determining how you stack up against the thousands of other posts on the app. The main aspects that determine this ranking are:

  • Engagement

  • Relevance

  • Relationships

  • Timeliness

  • Profile searches

  • Direct shares

  • Time Spent

It may seem that companies like Facebook and Instagram are doing everything in their power to make sure your brand does not succeed, but that is not true! Here are four tips to beat the algorithm on any platform. These tips can help you get great engagement on your social media posts (without using social media bots)!

 1. Look at and study your Analytics
The number one rule is to always look at your analytics. Not only is it extremely easy to start a business profile on social media, it is also free! In the analytics section, you can find important information about your audience. The analytics section displays information on your audience’s age, location, gender, and even the time that they are mostly on the social media platform. You can use these statistics to your advantage to ensure you are posting content at a time your audience will mostly likely see it, as well as posting content that is relevant to your audience.

Posting the wrong kind of content, at the wrong time or too many times a day can cause social fatigue for the consumer and your brand. Social fatigue initially is when a consumer has hundreds of ads and posts targeted at them every day and because of this they tune out to content that does not directly relate to them.  On the other side of it, you as a brand will get frustrated with the lack of two way communication and Return On Investment (ROI). This should force your company to make sure the content of of your posts is EXACTLY what your audience is looking for, and what they would be interested in seeing.
2. Frequently Post Stories
Another way to beat social media’s algorithm is to post stories. Both Facebook and Instagram have these features and it allows you to post in other areas besides the main hub. Instagram especially is really trying to make stories a thing (of course, to fight Snapchat!). With features including:
  • Gifs

  • Different fonts

  • Polls

  • Emojis/ stickers

  • Painbrush to let you write your own words

  • Boomerangs/ hands-free/ superzoom, rewind, and stop-motion

  • Filters

Another great reason to utilize stories is so you can acknowledge certain topics. For example,  what might be trending that day, holidays, highlighting fans etc., without making an entire post about it. You can also use stories to showcase product demonstrations, and overall humanize your brand, as well as the people behind your brand.
3. Call-To-Action (CTA)
No, “CTA” (take a look at our Acronyms List) does not mean find out your audiences phone numbers and ask them to like your social media posts. CTA is creating an open and inviting caption to a photo or a post allowing consumers to respond with their personal thoughts and opinions . Coming up with a call to action should come naturally because it should reflect your brand, but if you need some inspiration check out how these companies used a call to action to increase sales!

PRO TIP: the more time you have consumers on your photos and posts, the more the algorithm will work in your favor!

4. Influencers are your BFFs

There’s a reason why celebrities and Youtubers constantly have a sponsored videos and posts. It’s because brands are using their influence over their following to get their name and brand out! Although you might lose out by sending someone a product for free if they don’t end up talking about it, but if they do- you’ve struck gold. They have a following because people like them and trust them, so if they are talking about your company, their following is most likely going to be receptive of your brand.

The top three ways we recommend to use an influencer are by having an influencer showcase your brand/product on their account, your company shares posts from the influencer onto your account or use hashtags as well as use the tag feature to get more exposure, and host a takeover. A takeover is when the influencer literally takes over your account for an hour, day, or week. When the influencer posts on their account to head over to your account for their takeover you are gaining valuable traffic and engagement.

Overall, these are little steps you are able to take in order to optimize your Facebook and Instagram posts organically. It may seem like a lot of extra work but in the end it will be worth the extra time and effort you put into your social media, because after all it isn’t going anywhere.

If this still isn’t working up to your standards, you can always hire professional help such as an advertising agency. Here at MSM DesignZ, we specialize in social media management. We work with clients to increase brand awareness and website traffic through social media campaigns, and inform and educate both current and future customers whilst stimulating conversation surrounding the brand. We will also constantly monitor your brand’s social media channels in order to find conversations surrounding your social media presence. Find out about our services to help make your brand be the best it can be!

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