Why Print Marketing Still Works in the Digital Age

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

As a digital marketing agency, we believe print still matters. You might think that print is no longer relevant because the younger generation is taking over a large portion of the consumer base. However, countless individuals still respond to more tangible content, such as print magazines, flyers, and postcards. In marketing, variety is important if you want to reach a wider audience; it would hurt more than help your brand if you only stick to one medium of communication. Having variety in your strategy ensures you have all the boxes checked, and you aren’t missing out on any opportunities. It offers a different outlet of communication that can increase your reach to your audience. It also gives your audience something digital can’t, which is an even more interactive experience. Although digital content can be highly interactive, it doesn’t offer the same physical experience as this medium does. Additionally, items like magazines are held in offices and homes well beyond their initial release, which gives your brand increased visibility. 

Studies have even shown that consumers trust print marketing more than any other medium. This is most likely because, as we mentioned before, it’s something tangible. To an older person, seeing an ad in a magazine feels more official because the magazine itself is a trusted source. Take Westchester Magazine as an example. They have whole pages dedicated to ads, but the reason they are so effective is that Westchester Magazine is a trusted source. They are local, in the know, and promote businesses they also support. Print marketing isn’t just limited to advertising in a magazine, and you can utilize it in so many ways. Whether it’s on a billboard in a mall or wrapped on a truck, your marketing efforts can go a long way with something a bit more tangible. Other forms of print include materials such as business cards, menus, and truck wraps. Regarding business cards, we strongly believe every business should have one because it offers an easy way for people to remember you. If your card is branded, unique, and attractive, it will be more memorable, helping you make more connections for your business growth. If you own a restaurant, having a nice menu can make a world of difference. It feels more professional and can really communicate a strong brand when consumers pick it up to read. As for truck wraps, the return on your investment can be huge because of the constant exposure. Any brand in any industry can use a truck wrap because you can customize it. Imagine having your ad on a truck that’s driving all around town, sitting in traffic, driving on main roads, and passing streetwalkers. You can catch so many eyes with this type of exposure. 

Keeping the branding and imagery consistent in your print is the key to having a strong campaign. You want all your promotions to look like they are for the same brand. Visual consistency promotes trust with consumers because they will know who it is that’s speaking to them, which helps their brand recall. If you want your brand to start being recognized, you have to be visually-cohesive through all your materials. In today’s digital age, consumers are constantly saturated with content online. People want to take a break from their phones sometimes, and print is a great opportunity to get their attention. The beauty of print is that you can provide consumers with a lasting brand experience you can’t replicate online. Materials like brochures, business cards, flyers, and posters are all important assets to have as a brand. If applied properly, they can all be hugely beneficial in their own way and work together to contribute to a great campaign. It’s a cost-effective solution and easy to produce. Just keep in mind that print is not a substitute for digital marketing. Think of it as a way to further enhance your overall campaign! 

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