How to Utilize Instagram Stories for Your Business

Written by Kellie Quain, Account Manager at MSM DesignZ

Whether you are still learning the basics of social media, or call yourself a seasoned professional, we have all become aware of the use of Stories on the three main pillars of social media: Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Before we discuss how exactly your business can benefit and expand by utilizing the Story feature, we must first understand what Stories on Instagram are.

Unlike an Instagram post, Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, allow the creator to see who viewed their story, and can utilize features such as songs, hashtags, location tags, emojis, text, drawing tools, polls, or even Swipe Up capabilities that bring viewers directly to certain web pages. Instagram stories are essentially the more interactive version of Instagram posts. The two should not be used in place of one another, rather in conjunction with one another. Whether your company decides to post on your Instagram Story once a day, or once a week, there is no question that doing so will increase your engagement. Instagram Stories have undeniably changed the way we use Instagram, turning the platform into more than your everyday online photo album. But how can they help your business expand and reach new potential customers?

Since the Story feature launched in 2016, it has been reported that one third of the most viewed Instagram Stories were created by brands. One may attribute this to several different reasons. To begin, Instagram Stories are virtually effortless to create. Whether you want to show your new office space, a new dish your restaurant is serving, or a new fabric your store will be debuting, the story feature allows you to capture it in either photo of video form without the need for much editing. After all, the story won’t be visible after 24 hours!

Next, posting on your brand’s Instagram Story provides the opportunity to drive traffic directly to your company’s website. You can utilize the Swipe Up feature (if your Instagram has 10,000 followers or more), which directs users to the website of your choice without them having to leave the Instagram app. If you haven’t reached the follower requirement, have no fear! Instagram allows all sponsored, or paid content to utilize the Swipe Up feature, too. If you are hesitant about spending money on Instagram advertising, consider these statistics: the platform currently has 200 million monthly active users, engagement on Instagram is 15 times higher when compared to Facebook and 20 times when compared to Twitter, and the number of brands on Instagram with over 100,000 followers has grown by 163% in the last two years. These figures represent a wide range of potential for the future of your brand on Instagram. 


Finally, Instagram Stories are a great way to inform potential customers about temporary promotions, flash sales, giveaways, or new items you are selling. Rather than dedicating an Instagram post to an event that will only be live for a certain period of time, create a story! Be sure to keep Stories featuring announcements minimal, like the one shown below. It is easy for users to be overwhelmed with photos, dates, and text so provide only the details that are absolutely necessary. Don’t forget: you can post more than one! Another option is to create a Story directing users to visit your profile, where they will find a new post announcing something important. This type of Story is ideal when you have a long caption, or users must leave comments to enter a giveaway, for example.

Instagram Stories can be a vital tool if you are trying to increase both engagement and reach for your business. It is no secret that more and more consumers are trusting brands and products they see on their favorite social media platforms than they have in the past. The more consistently your brand posts Instagram Stories utilizing the the features shared in this post, the more engagement will increase in the long run.

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