How to Make a Killer TikTok Ads Strategy

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

TikTok has evolved into becoming one of the most popular social platforms with over 2.6 billion downloads. This has occurred only in the past couple years, which shows just how quickly consumers adopted the app. This short-form, video-first platform offers users a fun way to share engaging content with unique features like licensed audio, filters, and effects. TikTok has been doing so well, many other platforms started copying their user interface by adopting the scroll and audio features. It’s an app that has a more organic feel in its content, and there is a niche for everyone. People talk about different topics whether it be fashion, comedy, culture, travel or education, and it’s a great opportunity for new creators. However, since TikTok launched ads in 2021, it has also become a great opportunity for brands. This update allows brands to share more personalized ads to their target audience, improving overall ROI. It’s also one of the best apps for building brand awareness. Let’s go over how brands can make the most of TikTok. 

Making the most of TikTok will require some effort on your part, and involve some research and, well, scrolling through the app. Once you download the app and create a business account, doing this first step allows you to see what’s trending and stops you from wasting time guessing what you should post. Explore the app’s features, and see what hashtags and sounds are trending in the discovery page. The algorithm curates a feed based on what videos you engage with, including the watch times. Users will then see content in their For You Page that reflects similar content to what they’re already engaging with. Knowing that people have certain interests, you can assume if your videos align with those interests, they will see it in their FYP. Although you can’t determine the perfect ads strategy based on the algorithm’s behavior, you can at least use it as a guide to your ad strategy. Determining who your audience is will involve you asking yourself who you want to target. After researching and exploring the app, you will have an idea on the type of people who are on the app and where your audience goes. You can then make similar content they will want to engage with. Doing this won’t interrupt their user experience, and it will feel more relevant because it won’t feel foreign. We recommend starting off with a broader audience, that way you won’t be missing out on any potential new audiences that may be interested in your brand. You can also research your competitors and see what they’re doing. You may even start seeing some ads, too. By seeing what your competitors are doing, you’ll have gained a significant competitive advantage. 

The next step involves defining your messaging. Whatever your business has to offer that’s unique, include it in your message. For example, if your brand is a sustainable clothing brand, you’ll want to mention that it’s sustainable. Knowing the fact that most of Gen Z uses TikTok, including Millennials, this is a great quality you can highlight in your brand. Younger generations care about the environment and support brands that do, too. You can also find influencers on the app that share similar values to your business. There are so many creators to choose from with different niches, so you can find one that fits your brand who will operate within your content niche. After you hone your messaging, you can then set some measurable goals. TikTok has an Ads Manager where you can view your insights, and see what is performing well. Setting up and understanding your campaign analytics is crucial in determining where you should be directing your ad spend. By setting goals, you will be able to determine whether or not a campaign is worth it. It can also help you see what ad format is working better, too, so you can curtail your strategy to target even better. After figuring out the who, what, when, where and why, it’s time to create a TikTok ad!  Below are the 5 different types of ads you can use with TikTok:

Topview ad: Topview ads are those that users see as they open the platform.

Brand takeover ad: Brand takeover ads are viewed as the user opens the app but without the button CTA, or option to like or comment. 

In-feed ad: Ads that appear in-feed are the most like organic content, appearing as users swipe on the app amongst other content. 

Branded hashtag challenge: Gives users the ability to participate in your campaign and create content around your niche. 

Branded effects: Any filters, stickers and special effects built by a brand for the platform. 

Creating ads should be fun, so experiment with all the features you can and see what works for you. Always be sure to refer back to your analytics to see what you can change to make your ads target your audience even better. There is so much you can do with the app. More and more creators are emerging from TikTok and are getting rich from brand deals, which you can also be a part of. This just goes to show how many brands are joining in. This isn’t an app that’s just for browsing, but an app where you can communicate and interact with your community in a more engaging and organic way. When brands post better content, they will gain more trust and followers. This app can work for anyone if they utilize it well. If you need assistance with TikTok, or any kind of social management, MSM can help you gain business and get the most out of your ads and social presence. 

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