How To Effectively Use Hashtags on Social Media

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

You know how you see #hashtags on social media under each post? Some of them may say #summer, #digitalmarketing, or #happy4thofjuly. You can indefinitely make any topic a hashtag. The power of hashtags is making a social change on the internet, which entrepreneurs should be looking out for. The power they hold in building communities, bringing awareness to certain topics, and targeting the right audience is what entrepreneurs must master in order to build a brand or grow their audience. You will see hashtags on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but can also be implemented in text messaging or emails. However, it’s mostly used on social media. 

What Are Hashtags?

A hashtag is essentially a label for content. Anyone sharing content of a specific topic can use a hashtag to reach others who are looking for that content. For example, in 2014, the #IceBucketChallenge went viral for building a community to donate over $115 million to the ALS association. This viral hashtag had left so many videos for the ice bucket challenge. The ALS association was one of the few brands who were able to effectively and organically co-opt. Another example of a viral hashtag is #MayTheFourth. This generated a ton of social buzz from the entertainment media for the 2015 movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The commercial success of this hashtag pushed May 4 as an official holiday, and many users have used this hashtag to build buzz and create an internet fan base. Hashtags are not limited to one motive. You can use hashtags to market your brand and target the right audience. Marketers have cracked the code when learning how to use hashtags productively. 

Here are some tips on using Hashtags that will help make yours better and unique. 

1. No Spaces Allowed

A hashtag can be used as a single word or even an abbreviation. You can’t have punctuation, and all letters must run together with no spaces. You can use numbers; however, it must be followed by letters because a hashtag won’t work if it’s entirely made up of numbers. All hashtags must start with the symbol “#”.

2. Make Hashtags Unique

In order to make your hashtag unique, it’s important to understand what audience you’re looking for and what the certain hashtag generates. Many find a simple hashtag to have several meanings, so in order to create a unique hashtag, you will have to make sure there is one specific meaning towards the one you want to create. Once you’ve found out what generates that hashtag, then you will be able to create a different spin on it. 

3. When To Use A Hashtag

All social media platforms generally have a “trending” or “explore” pages, and this is where you can find the most trending hashtags to use. By looking at these hashtags, it can be easier to find new connections and join in on different communities that you would like to reach. You can use hashtags on any social media platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook to generate new audiences.

4. How To Use Hashtags to Build Your Brand

Hashtags are not only to connect with new people, but also to build your brand equity and awareness! Promote on all social media platforms. You can use hashtags on posts, comments or even direct messages. Encouraging your audiences to use your hashtags on different posts can also build your community and create collaborations. With a specific hashtag, you create could help consumers to directly interact with you and your brand. 

At MSM DesignZ, Inc. we are committed to bringing your brand to its highest potential and want your followers to engage with your content. We can help you create unique hashtags that represent you and find a specific strategy that will bring your brand to a new audience.  Interested in learning more to expand your digital marketing? Contact us today! Visit our contact page at, and we are here to help!