How to Effectively Repurpose Your Website Content

Written by Kellie Quain, Digital Media Manager

When it comes to your brand’s online presence, a consistent brand voice and cohesive messaging across all platforms is vital. From your website and search engine optimization, to the carefully selected social media channels you use, the content shared across each digital arena should be reflective of who your company is at its core. A skilled team of experts understands the true importance of repurposing your website content for other channels in order to bring your brand full circle. Let’s discuss how to effectively do so and the immense impact it can have! 

Different Forms of Web Content 

To begin, it’s important to understand the various types of content most commonly used on brand websites. Whether the goal of your site is to increase awareness, generate more leads, or turn more leads into customers — or all three — having high-quality content is critical to getting people to visit your site and return to it again and again. To familiarize visitors with your company, “About Us” and “Our History” pages are exceptional tools that provide new visitors with a bit of history on your brand. “Our Values” and “Who We Are” pages are often utilized for sharing the true foundation of the company; is there a main mission or cause for which your company stands? The “Our Values” and “Who We Are” pages are ideal for including this relevant information. Providing visitors with background details or heartfelt stories is a great way to establish an emotional connection almost instantaneously. 

Once these foundational pages are established, it’s time to address the true “meat” of your website. What does your brand offer your audience? Whether a range of services or products, this section must be carefully outlined and expressed concisely in order to make it abundantly clear to visitors what your organization actually does and why they should patronize your business.

After these essential pages have been added to your site, additional pieces of content should be considered. Do you have a loyal customer base or substantial email list? This is a great opportunity to elicit client testimonials to vouch for your brand. Are there regular updates or new trends emerging in your industry? Consider adding a blog to your site to which you contribute on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Is there a visual component to your product or service? A photo gallery is an invaluable tool that helps visitors further connect with your brand. According to recent reports, “67% of consumers say the inclusion of a product image is ‘very important’ when selecting and purchasing a product or service”

How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content 

Repurposing the content shared on your website is an essential strategy that ensures the cohesion and consistency of your brand voice. The key to successfully doing so is to understand the platform on which you are posting. For example, according to WordStream, “YouTube is the preferred digital video platform for 90% of people in the US”. Knowing this, a digital marketing expert may recommend transforming a blog post or text-heavy webpage into a short video to reach a new audience. 

Understanding your audience is a skill that will streamline the process of repurposing your website content and make it much less time-consuming. For example, studies show that quotes and short blurbs resonate well with Instagram users. Does your “About Us” page have a powerful quote from your company’s CEO or founder? This can be turned into a graphic and shared across photo-based platforms! You can even use the same imagery featured on your website if it is high resolution and resized correctly. Simply modify the image, add the quote, and you’ve just created a brand-new post!

One extremely effective strategy for repurposing content is implementing a content series. The idea behind this type of social media post is to break down a piece of long-form content that lives on your site into smaller, more digestible segments. For example, if you have written a blog post or article that has achieved high engagement, this serves as a great piece of content to reconstruct for a content series in the form of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Posts. The overall topic of the series remains consistent each week, while different facets of the topic are highlighted and explored. This is an effective way to garner even more attention for a piece of successful content your company has shared. 

Finally, the power of an emotional connection to your brand should not be discounted. As previously mentioned, if your company is affiliated with a specific non-profit or if the founder has an inspirational background, this should absolutely be a focal point for content on other platforms. Email campaigns are paramount for raising awareness of your brand and speaking directly to your target audience. According to Forbes, a recent survey of business owners informed that, “79% say it’s ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their businesses”. Additionally, adding a pop-up to your website with a CTA incentivizing users to input their email address is a great way to consistently add to your contact list. 

How MSM Can Help 

Throughout our 21 years of experience, our team of experts has worked in conjunction with countless clients to establish a consistent brand voice throughout their digital presence. In the fight for brand differentiation, cohesion, uniformity, and professionalism are key elements to setting your company apart from the competition. Whether you need assistance designing a state-of-the-art website, understanding the various social channels, creating content that truly resonates with your audience, or a culmination of all three, MSM DesignZ is here to guide you. Visit our contact page at, and we’ll work with you to devise a custom plan that will help your brand excel. We look forward to working with you!