How to Drive in Traffic – Off(line)

Do you feel as though your web traffic is stuck in a virtual rut?  If so, there are countless techniques to boost your web traffic.  However, if you’re looking for methods that involve offline, traditional marketing; here are 5 effective ways to improve your online presence and increase your traffic:

Give your marketing materials a makeover.

Hire a skilled graphic design team to re-design or enhance your marketing brochures, letterhead and business cards. Make sure your web address is clearly displayed on your marketing materials.  Then consider hiring a good distribution company to distribute your marketing materials to your target audience. Hiring a professional to handle your direct mail will automatically reduce your postage costs. Distributing attractive-looking marketing materials to prospects is a tried and true way of increasing online traffic.

Get more involved in your community.

Every community hosts seasonal events which can help promote your business and drive more unique visitors to your website or blog. Car dealerships, realtors and insurance companies invest in booth space at community events all the time in order to attract more customers. Consider renting a booth and fill with plenty of brochures and business cards with your web address.

Get featured in a popular magazine or national newspaper. Business magazines are always looking for success stories about business owners.  Many Fortune 500 companies have community blogs and forums where they post articles about everyday business owners. This is a great way to gain free traffic to your website.

Sponsor an ad at a local movie theater. Some local movie theaters display ads on their movie screens during movie previews. Sponsoring a movie theater ad is an affordable way to gain more exposure for your website.

Place a cable TV ad. Most cable companies run paid local and national ads for small businesses and corporations. Although this method is a little more expensive, it is an excellent way to attract more business.

Nowadays, society spends a significant amount of time in cyber world making it easy to get caught up in online marketing techniques.  However, older methods of driving traffic to your website are still effective.