How Social Media Strategies Build Brand Awareness and ROI

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

Do you have a social media campaign? Is it built strategically for your goals? These questions are important for any business owner in 2022. It’s known that social media marketing for any brand is a necessity. With so many demographics active across social networks on a global scale, it’s the place where you want to engage, scale and build. In this blog, we’ll discuss how social media strategies are good to build that brand awareness and ROI. Never underestimate the power of digital marketing, because it may surprise you more than you think! 

What Does A Social Media Strategy Do? 

This strategy is a plan/approach that outlines your goals, the tactics used to achieve them and metrics tracked to measure performance. It doesn’t need to be complicated. All it needs is a simple and specific plan with meaningful measures. Ultimately, a social media strategy will build brand awareness and engagement with the associated target audience. The benefits of creating a strong social media strategy are enhancing targeting within new audiences, generates quality leads, personalized content, and new collaboration opportunities. The benefits don’t limit to these but, it also is a great way to measure and analyze marketing performance. 

How This Strategy Can Build Your Brand 

Given the benefits of the strategy, it’s important to understand that it can create connections across many social media channels. The steps include strategic efforts of building brand awareness. For example, user-generated content, researching competitors, researching audiences, choosing social media platforms, and planning content all combine into building a social media strategy that meets the businesses goals. Once you have your strategy in place, it’s then time to start planning and creating content that is beneficial towards your audience. You want to create a tone for your pages. Tone is how you want the world to see and speak to your brand. Are you formal or informal? Give your brand a personality and established look that your audience can easily relate too. The most tricky part of social media is that you have to stay CONSISTENT! This means to post on a regular basis and plan a content calendar. With consistency, your brand will show passion within connecting with the audience. This will help with customer engagement as well as reputation. In addition, with consistent content, your page will continue to grow in following. The algorithm will pick up your content and put it at the top priority. You want to gain organic traffic on your social media channels to build that specific community. Within all these steps, your social media strategy will help your brand get out there in the digital world. It doesn’t limit your opportunities to just digital because this approach does build brand awareness within a community as well as outside. 

Now, social media strategies help with ROI because each campaign you create will bring in new leads and a new audience. Using paid advertising, you can set a daily budget and target a group of users. You can also work with influencers to promote one of your products. These actionable efforts will help in your social media strategy and ROI due to new promotions. 

Example of a Social Media Strategy

The content creation software, Adobe, sees huge success in their social media efforts. The brand uses their strong and impactful imagery to an advantage. They also highlight the talents of their customers work from the  software by posting user-generated content under the hashtag: #adobe_perspective. This social media campaign is a success because of their engagement with their current customers. It sends out to new viewers of what potential you can do from their product. 

How MSM Can Help You

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