How Blogging Can Change Your Business For The Better

The act of perpetually writing for a blog has, in many ways, made me jaded. Sometimes, I take for granted the fact that I am fueling the web full of my words and thoughts through such a medium which allows almost anyone from anywhere in the world to access. My writing has become almost mechanical to a degree; in some ways, I am simply a robot that is feeding an endless spool of words into the relentlessly hungry crevice of the Internet.

But that would also be diminishing my own accomplishments and discoveries in writing this blog. Every day that I write or create ideas for this blog is another day that I grow. All of the challenges that I encounter in writing blog entries aren’t necessarily setbacks, but rather points of deep reflection. Points in which I ask myself, “How can I improve upon this? How can I make this better?

And there are just a few ways in which blogging can make your business better, too. 

It Helps You Better Understand Your Industry

Blogging has undeniably been an extremely helpful process that has aided me in the honing of my writing skills in a variety of ways.

But beyond simply allowing me to craft better, more refined and slightly (if that) wittier sentences, blogging has also helped me develop a better understanding of the particular industries that I frequently write about. From marketing and advertising, to social media and even web development, the simple act of blogging has allowed me to develop a better sense of what works in those industries and what, in some cases, fails miserably.

And understanding your industry is arguably one of the most important aspects in learning how to effectively market your business and find your ideal client and consumer base. With knowledge comes power and, sometimes, with power comes, you know, customers.

It Helps You Become Better Known

Easily one of the most important aspects of blogging is the power that it contains in simply spreading the word of your business online. Google, when it indexes pages, also accounts for the amount of words and such that a specific website contains in order to determine relevancy and quality of the source.

That’s why, for businesses, blogging can be hugely beneficial in not only drawing more attention towards your respective website, but also in helping to spread the name of your website. By blogging, you are creating something that will (as long as it exists and is being hosted) will forever be indexed in the canons of the Internet, showing people that your business exists. But, even more importantly, it grants your business substantially more credibility.

It Teaches You The Importance of Persistence

I have quickly learned, through blogging, the simple power of persistence (and consistence). Seth Godin writes, on his blog, that “persistence isn’t using the same tactics over and over. It’s having the same goal over and over.”

Blogging is undoubtedly about having the same goal: To be interesting, informative and an asset to readers in every blog post that you write.

But, like social media, it’s not something that will instantly drive business through the roof, resulting in endless streams of customers and/or clients — that isn’t how blogging works. Yet for every word you write on your blog and for every blog post you submit, you are essentially creating, from scratch, the foundation for something the will ultimately be far greater and more significant than the individual posts themselves.

For yourself, it will stand as a recollection of all of the progress you have made as both a business owner and an insider in your particular industry. For others, it will stand as a tome of useful information that only further grants your business the credibility that it undoubtedly deserves.

Because I am perpetually writing a blog, it has become extremely easy for me to simply get caught up and jaded by the fact that, yes, I am simply writing a blog and I am just putting words on a page. That the words that I’m pumping into the wide-open and seemingly endless abyss that is the Internet have becoming increasingly more and more meaningless.

But behind that empty facade, there’s something important, even tangible about blogging. It consistently throws challenges in my way which allow for me to develop as a writer.

Still, blogging shouldn’t be a a last-ditch effort to help drive traffic towards your business. That will ultimately result in a blog that is as shallow as it is useful. And blogs need to be useful. They need to be provocative. They also need to be, possibly above all else, well crafted.

But you already know all of that. Now, go out and prove it. Craft something amazing.