Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads

If you are considering advertising online – you are probably thinking Google vs. Facebook.  Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising both offer geographic targeting making them an ideal choice for local advertisers.  So what makes one better than the other?

The graph on the right shows a “sales funnel”.  There are five stages which include attention, interest, conviction, desire, and close.  In order for a consumer to make a purchase, they must go through this “sales funnel” – no matter how fast or slow a decision is made.

Facebook Advertising targets users by information listed in a profile such as age, sex, marital status, education, workplace, interest, etc.   Facebook users are not seeking out your business; they are busy talking to friends, looking at photos, and playing games.  Your ad must capture their attention amongst this busy environment.

Google Adwords target searchers via keywords.  You have the ability to tailor your keyword list to reach customers in specific stages of the buying cycle.  Typically people typing in specific keywords are closer to the end of the buying cycle.

Take a look at your business…what product or service do you offer?  Who are your customers? Where are they in the sales funnel?  The answers to these questions can help you decide the best network to place your advertisements.



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY Advertising company specializing in social media marketing, web and graphic design, SEO and much more.