Foam Fingers, Jewelry and Web Design? Part I

“Marketing without design is pointless, and design without marketing is mute.”

To better understand what this quote means…imagine you’re in the parking lot of Giants Stadium. Among the vendors selling overpriced foam fingers and ticket scalpers, there you are attempting to sell women’s jewelry to a rowdy group of football fans. With the exception of the boyfriend looking to please his girlfriend whom he dragged to the game, do you think you will be able to successfully sell and turn a profit by the game’s end? 

Like the quote says, ‘marketing without design is pointless’; so to effectively market a product such as women’s jewelry, there must be process (design) in place.  Part of this process is specifying a target market for your particular good or service. Without such a process, it is impossible to successfully market a product. So you can market and pitch the jewelry all you want; but without the proper design, it is safe to say you will be unsuccessful.

Reversing this concept, the quote continues by saying ‘design without marketing is mute’.  So you’re still in the Giants’ parking lot, however, now you are selling products such as T-shirts, hats and foam fingers, all which actually appeal to football fans.  But before you declare yourself ‘successful’, here’s the twist: you are selling merchandise that reads “Philadelphia Eagles”.   Even though you may be soaked in beer, I don’t believe this inhibits your ability to conclude that despite the existence of a well thought out design, if the needs of your market go unattended, your business will remain unsuccessful.

Design and marketing both rely on each other in the development of a successful business operation.

Stay tuned for Part II which will further explain how MSM DesignZ has successfully implemented web design that aligns with our clients’ specific marketing goals.