Facebook Post Options Get a New Design: Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by: Nathalie Aguiriano, Senior Community Manager 

New year, new design. Have you noticed anything different about your Facebook business page recently? The Facebook Post Options section just got a whole new design! With this new look, the social media giant is making things even more user-friendly for businesses to connect and engage with customers on Facebook. To be clear, none of these options are new. You are still offered the same outreach tools and functions, however, this time they are being offered with a more organized and vibrant approach (see image below).



This new creative approach simplifies social media management and allows business owners as well as social media managers to interact with their audience with ease. In this article, SEO Consultant Al Gomez, explains the 3 major benefits that come from this new creative approach:

  • It should help business owners and social media managers see everything in ONE glance. Unlike the old look, some people might miss other post options because they’re not easily visible.

  • It’s very user-friendly. Even non-tech savvy folks can feel confident that they can maximize Facebook post options on their business page. In a single click, you can easily create the post specific to your purpose (e.g. to create an event, promote a photo/video, or encourage calls to your business).

  • As always, they are measurable on Facebook Insights. Simply proceed to ‘Actions on Page’ to check the number of people who responded on each type of post you made for your page.

One of my favorite aspects about this new design is the placement of the call-to-actions. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also presents a clean organized approach – allowing it to be more convenient for users (see image below). Thus, this could potentially increase interaction and conversion in the future.

Let’s explore some of the call-to-actions features that Facebook offers.

Get Phone Calls

The ‘Get Phone Call’ feature allows your audience to directly contact your business with just a simple click! You can personalize your ‘Get Phone Call’ feature by creating a personalized post and adding an image (see image below). This diminishes the effort of having to search for your business’ number in the ‘About’ section on your page. I suggest to pin this post or create a ‘Get Phone Call’ post every now-and-then so that your audience can reach you without difficulty.

Get Messages

The ‘Get Messages’ feature is a great way for your audience to communicate with your business through a message. This is the perfect solution for people who are a little more reserved and prefer to send a message rather than speaking on the phone. Just like the ‘Get Phone Call’ feature, you are able to create a personalized post and add an image (see image below).

Help People Find Your Business

The ‘Help People Find Your Business’ feature helps your audience locate your business effortlessly. With this feature, they don’t have to access your ‘About’ section to obtain directions. Once the ‘Get Directions’ button is clicked, the user is redirected to a map where they can enter their current location to receive directions to their destination- YOU! Just like the previous call-to-action features mentioned above, you can include a personalized post and add an image.

As you can see, all these features and the others offered, give you the ability to interact with your audience in an effective and efficient way! Do you think this new design helps improve communication and engagement with your audience? Can this potentially increase interaction and conversion in the future? Let’s start interacting and share your thoughts with us!