Facebook wants an Ecosystem

Facebook has demonstrated big improvements through their 11 years of life, now they are finally ready to take every aspect of your life and take over mobile with an “ecosystem” of apps and solutions. These solutions promise to tackle both personal and business needs making it a difficult titan to beat, and a main competitor for Google, Yahoo, and other big players. In their conference, “F8”, an initiative that arose as a celebration of their success path, they announced huge news that have us all excited about the future.

1. Cooler Videos

Well if you were looking for a new way to play with creative advertising ideas, Facebook’s got your back! Now they are updating the timeline to support a 360 degree camera technology that will allow you to change the perspective by clicking and dragging on the screen, kind of what was done for Amazon cellphones.

2. Business Solutions

Entrepreneurs and small businesses, rejoice! The Facebook Messenger will now be linked to purchases from your clients and will stay on top of their tracking process. This is a great opportunity to keep them reminding you as their supplier of choice. However, this is an opt-out service, which is also amazing for the regular user that does not wish to receive too many messages.

3. Co-op Apps

Facebook is now aiming to integrate and create kind of a “co-op” synergy between their ecosystem of apps, this will facilitate the interaction between them and make it more practical for the user.

4. Finally!

Have you experienced how difficult is to share the embed link of a Facebook video? It’s almost hidden from people! They have finally decided to make videos more attractive (and compete with YouTube, of course) by making it easier to share.

5. Sharing to the max

Not only will Facebook make it easier to communicate with your customers, but if you do give a great customer service experience for your users and they happen to comment/review you, it will appear on their timeline feed for their friends to see!

6. Facebook for everything

All those Apps and devices dedicated to control the actions of your house, such as turning down lights or closing doors, will now have a bigger competitor… yes! Facebook is playing with the idea of giving out possibilities to developers so they can build these apps and link them to the “ecosystem”.

7. Analytics, analytics, analytics

Developers will now have a complete report of how their apps are performing, their users and specific stats that will help to modify and upgrade products to meet the needs of the customers.

We are particularly very happy about their innovations, what do you think? Will you jump into the Facebook “ecosystem”?