Facebook is Doing What?!

Written by Kellie Quain, Digital Media Manager

In today’s digital world with an endless supply of content at our fingertips, social media platforms must be the best of the best in order to survive. In the case of most millennials, Facebook may not the first thing they think of when asked which social platform outranks its competition. Mark Zuckerberg is taking action to change that. 

What’s New?

Facebook recently announced that it will be releasing several updates in the near future that will directly impact video creators, publishers, and standard users alike. Some of the highlights of the announcement include more efficient ways to simulate live broadcasts, new methods to track analytics of video content, and the option to schedule both Instagram and IGTV content up to six months in advance (yes, please!). 

How Does Messenger Play into This?

Facebook Messenger, which is an entirely different mobile application from Facebook itself, has also seen some significant upgrades. Lead Generation is among the most noteworthy of the updates, allowing Business Pages to configure automated conversational experiences with quality leads quickly and automatically. Once a lead has been established, a live human from the business is able to interject and continue the conversation legitimately. 

Announced earlier this year was Appointment Booking via Messenger, which allows businesses to integrate their calendar and appointment booking software directly with Facebook. Bookings can now be made and confirmed via the app when potential customers message them. The idea behind this is the optimize conversion for online conversations into real business traffic. 

Stories Got a Facelift, Too! 

Zuckerberg and team also unveiled Collaborative Facebook Stories, which aim to aid creators in building more exposure on the platform, as well as growing their audiences. The feature allows users from multiple different accounts to post on one brand’s Stories. This will be a great way to get more brand awareness for everyone involved and make Stories more engaging and dynamic for users.

Giving Tinder a Run For its Money 

Amidst all of these updates, inarguably the most talked-about feature Facebook has recently announced is its Facebook Dating profiles. The premise behind this is that users will have the ability to create a completely separate profile to pursue relationships. Facebook Dating allows you to connect with friends of friends and even those who are not in your close friend circle. Developers have ensured users that all Dating activity will remain within this profile, and not shared with the rest of your Facebook friends. 

Avid social media users have seen countless updates platforms have unveiled in order to stay relevant, top-of-mind, and ahead of the curve. From the early addition of Stories on Snapchat to long-form video on IGTV, updates and new collaborative features have proven to be invaluable when it comes to the longevity of social media platforms. The developers and creators behind your favorite media know that you have a choice, and will not hesitate to take your allegiance elsewhere for the latest and greatest. With the updates discussed in this post, along with several others, Facebook is warning users, “Don’t call me your grandmother’s social media just yet!”

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