Facebook Ads Manager Just Got Cooler

Written by Joseph Raguso, Content Creator

Facebook’s New Ads Manager For Excel

Facebook’s presence within the digital marketing landscape has completely distinguished content-based marketing strategies from traditional forms of marketing. Facebook ad campaigns have become a staple for small and large businesses alike because it gives them the tools to effectively market to a vast digital audience. However, in the past, it has been notoriously time consuming for ad campaign managers to track the progress of multiple different campaigns going on simultaneously. For that reason, Facebook recently released Facebook Ads Manager for Excel to allow campaign managers to download and analyze their ad performance data from their Facebook ad accounts in Microsoft Excel. Perhaps the biggest update to the performance tools: you can now create a report that includes data from multiple ad accounts and customize the data in order of what is most relevant to a specific campaign!

Advantages of Updated Tools 

A massive benefit of these new analytical updates is you can download performance data from your ad accounts. We now have the ability to report on the performance of campaigns and ad sets, and see breakdowns by demographics or actions taken on ads. We can also filter data based on date range, delivery status, ad objectives, placements, and more! Another added benefit of the new ads manager for Excel is the ability to create and save custom templates. You can also choose from preset templates, which is extremely helpful when managing multiple accounts. Trying to find the most effective placement for your ads across your ad accounts? You can run a report to view the various placements your ads have used and the cost per results of each ad. You can then use Excel to compare them. Campaign managers now have more tools than ever at their disposal for digital advertisement insight.

Ads Managing Made Easy

The great thing about this technology is that it runs directly within Excel. It harnesses the ease, flexibility, technology, and familiarity of the Office application to allow you to work faster and more effectively without spending an excessive amount of time learning a new software. With this, you can download ad data directly into Excel spreadsheets. You can create a spreadsheet out of one ad account or one for multiple accounts, saving a lot of time and effort. Another great feature: refresh the data as needed to so that data is always up-to-date when reporting. BRB, signing into Ads Manager as we speak! 

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