Email Marketing Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Email Marketing Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Email marketing costs a fraction of its paper equivalent and delivers a whole lot more.

The ability to track recipient’s actions means you will start to view marketing in a different light – it is even possible to see immediate results from your campaign.

#1 Personalize your email campaign by using first names  – Make your newsletter recipients feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greeting them individually and personally.

#2 Make it instantly recognizable – Put your company name in the “From” field. Recipients should recognize who the email is from instantly.

#3 Don’t be spammy – A relevant subject line with your name and what its about works better than !!!???$$$.

#4 Create clear call to actions – Make sure recipients of your email-marketing message know what you expect them to do and what they can expect in return.

#5 Enhance your brand – Make your email instantly recognizable with strong use of color and graphics that enhance your brand.

#6 Experiment with link placement – Maximize click performance by putting the right links in the right places.

#7 Unsubscribes are effective immediately – Avoid a spam like impression by ensuring if recipients unsubscribe this is effective immediately.

#8 Motivate people to sign-up to your newsletter – An incentive can ensure people signup.

#9 Content ideas – Consolidating news provides a useful service to subscribers, and it shows you’re the expert in your field as well.

#10 Send regular consistent newsletters – If you send your newsletter less often, your subscribes may forgot about you and signing up and perceive as spam.

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