E-Mail Marketing Campaigns – How to Stand OUT in the IN-box

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective techniques of online marketing and is, by far, one of the most inexpensive and successful methods of online advertising.  For a successful e-mail marketing campaign, it is crucial to be educated on some e-mail marketing strategies.  Having a targeted campaign can be priceless to expanding your business.

There are several ideal outcomes of an e-mail blast.  You want to create a positive action on the recipient’s end whether that means they visit your website, make a phone call to your company, or make a purchase.  Here are a list of tips to help your ‘call to action’ generate the response you are looking for…

Stand out in the In-box

  1. Create a professional email marketing campaign: Standing out as a professional takes planning and time. Having a professional HTML email that is attractive while sending your message to the right targeted audience is essential in preserving your brand presence. Don’t have the time to design? Consider using email templates and an email campaign software to do all the work for you.
  2. Quality is better than quantity: It is better to send hundreds of emails to relevant, targeted prospects, than to thousands of possibilities.
  3. Respect the time of your prospects and clients: Your prospects and clients are people, with time constraints, jobs, and families. Sending relevant information to a targeted audience, assures the information matches their lifestyle and criteria.

Writing Good Subject Lines

  1. Your subject line must be true to its content. TIP: Write your subject line after your content is completed and finalized – not before.
  2. Keep it simple. Your subject line should have a short description, creating interest as your reader is encouraged to explore further. There needs to be an immediate benefit in opening your email newsletter or direct mail campaign. Bottom line – what is in it for them?
  3. Words to avoid. There are general words that spam filters will look for such as free cash, reminder, percent off, free download, huge sale and more. Avoid all CAPS and exclamation marks! Subject lines are normally shorter than 5 words and written in a personal tone. Remember to test your campaigns through your spam checker. Successful campaigns are not left to chance.
  4. Subject length. Keeping your subject line down to 50 characters or less is the general rule. If your subject line is too long or cut off, it may quickly end in the trash bin. Shorter lines help optimize your open rates.

Graphic Images in Email Campaigns

  1. Keep your images light: Even with the advanced technology and high-speed of DSL and cable, embedded images may take too long to load, with precious time wasted. Keep your images under 25 kb.
  2. Image overload: Too many images can overshadow your content and message especially when sending out bulk emails. Too many images can add unnecessary weight in delivery and opening time.
  3. Optimize for the preview pane: Most people do not maximize their windows. They view their emails through default sized preview panes within their email clients. The average preview pane is estimated to be around 300-500 pixels high. With that in mind, keep your images small.

The Body of the Email Campaign

  • Keep it short, to the point, and interesting.
  • Focus on the reader. Stress that you can meet their perceived needs, and how you want them to respond. Focus your message about the value and benefits they will be receiving.
  • The call to action. Clearly define how you want your reader to respond. Create urgency with a deadline or reward for a quick response.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation: Using a spellchecker is not what we mean. Read your content and correct all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Have a few people read it over before it goes out. Mistakes in grammar and word usage can give a very poor first (and last) impression.
  • Landing Page. Your call to action needs to link to a specific landing page on your website. Your landing page should have the same look, voice, and feel of your campaign. Make sure that link has been tested and is very visible.
  • Unsubscribe: At the bottom of every email should be an unsubscribe option. Do not frustrate your prospects. That is part of the Can-Spam Laws.
  • Do your research and become an informed B2B or B2C email marketer. While there are no guarantees, “pat answers”, or simple formulas to follow, there are tried and true guidelines that when implemented, have shown proven results. Any worthwhile e-campaign is one in which serious time and research has been placed. When creating yours, keep in mind, that campaign represents you

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