Does Your Organization Need a Company Blog?

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

So, should your company have a blog? Our answer will always be “Yes!” There are many ways you can deliver more value online, and blogs are one great way to do it. The main purpose of establishing a blog is to position your brand as an expert leader in its industry. They are a great way to offer more insight and knowledge to customers and help you keep your audience updated about your business. They also help your SEO efforts in driving traffic. So for instance, if you use more keywords and phrases in your blog, you’ll have a better chance to rank high in Google. You can even use your blog page to bring users to your site by posting it on your social media accounts. When it comes to delivering good content across your social channels, it’s important that you don’t use the platform to boast about your brand and constantly promote your business. Instead, use it as an opportunity to have your audience get to know your brand. With a good blog, you can offer answers to common customer questions, helpful tips, and news about your industry. You can then repurpose the content in your blogs and use them for a mailer or social post content series. The options are endless!

Finding inspiration on what to post can take time, but there are many ways you can approach it. Start off by putting yourself in the eyes of the customer. What questions do you think they would have regarding your business and industry? You can write an entire blog answering one common question and break it down into smaller sections, or you can do a Q&A style blog, where you answer several questions. Another tactic you can try is with keywords. Like we said earlier, blog writing can help your SEO efforts. So, knowing this, you can write different blog topics based on what keywords you need. Just make sure you avoid keyword stuffing, since you can get penalized for that. A third tactic we think can be helpful is research! The internet is huge and there is so much happening that can be related to your industry. You can gain some inspiration by reading other articles and seeing how you can join the conversation. You can then approach your blog style in several ways and write it in the form of an infographic, interview, a how-to, or even a guest post. Changing up the layout of your blogs keeps readers interested because it helps break up the content, so they can more easily digest the information on the page. The goal of your blog should be to make it as interesting and engaging as possible!

Writing your own blog can be a lot of work, which is why we have a team of writers at MSM DesignZ Inc. With a blog, it’s important you post consistently to avoid readers forgetting your blog exists. You don’t have to post a new blog every day, but once a week is what we recommend. This way, you can then have more content to recycle and repurpose into new forms of content, like a mailer or social post. There are many benefits to having a team of writers managing your blog for you. The biggest benefit is quality. When you hire a professional writer, they’ll be able to write in the tone of your brand voice. They will also use proper grammar and avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes. Having typos in your blog, or writing that doesn’t have a good flow, will make your brand look less reputable. Remember, you want to look like a leader in your industry! So your blog can’t look like a high schooler wrote it. The second major benefit of hiring a professional writing team is time. If you’re busy running a business, you may be rushing to get your blogs written and posted. However, rushing is only going to hurt your quality. Attention to detail is important if you want your audience to take you seriously. With a team like MSM DesignZ, you can ensure your blogs will look great from start to finish. 

At MSM DesignZ, we put in the time and energy required for success, so you can ensure you are using every dollar for maximum return. With over 20 years in the business, we have watched marketing evolve from traditional to digital. Whether you need a website refresh, a more attractive email, or a quality online presence, we can do it all. When we take on a client, we put in 110% and treat every brand as if it’s our own. We will always continue to place our clients’ needs at the heart of our operations. From web development to social media management, we’ll work directly with you to build a personalized strategy to not only retain but also gain business. We are assisting in all areas for our clients. Visit our contact page at, and we’ll work with you to devise a custom plan that will keep your brand alive and well. We look forward to working with you!