Are you Niching Down?

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

Do you create content for everyone? If you’re creating content for everyone, then you’re actually speaking to no one. The concept of niching down makes it easier for you to be found and heard. Niching down means having a clear focus on who your ideal target customer is and aligning your marketing to match. It makes sense, right? In order to engage and connect with your ideal customer, it’s important to focus on their specific goals, then align your marketing to that specific customer. When it comes to defining a niche, it also requires the content creator to define who their specific audience is, and that’s what will make the content more effective. 

What is a Niche? 

A niche is defined as a specialized segment of the market for a particular product or service. In other words, a niche is honing in on a specific target market and creating an expertise to reach that audience. There are many ways you can achieve this niche; however, we like to break it down in three segments: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. In these three steps you will identify your customers and their needs, focus on a particular group, and position your brand in the customer’s mind. The WHO question is essential. “Who is your ideal customer?” Or “Who are we speaking to specifically?” These questions are fundamentals when learning about your client and identifying who you’re speaking to directly. The goal is to create a compelling brand and speak to an individual, then your message will get understood effectively. 

What is a Segment? 

In marketing, a segment is defined as a group of people that match your individual ideal customer profile. A customer profile is important to create your niche and break down your content to specific individuals who you think will benefit from what you have to offer. The segments must be measurable. How many people are in the segment? What is the size and demographic? Once you determine the measurable aspects of the segment, then you are one step closer to breaking down your content. It’s also important to make sure the segment is accessible. Make sure you are able to reach them. Identifying a segment is not good if you can’t access them. Another good way to identify a segment is learning about their behavior, attitudes, and geographical location. You can also combine these into your customer profile. When speaking about a segment, it’s also important to focus on your brand values and what drives you and your brand. So, when identifying a segment, it’s good to ask questions such as “What is your average order value?” or “What is your customer lifetime value?” These answers will then help you determine if the segment is worth a shot. 


After you identify a segment, then you can focus on targeting. This is when you link the client and segment to your offering. The ‘niching down’ part means focusing on a unique process. For example, we could segment sports but take it down to golf. Then take it further and target college golf teams. Now, we pretend our segment is about college golf teams. Our message will now be different to college golf teams rather than just ‘golf.’ The clearer you are about your target audience, then it would be easier to create impactful content. Such as creating content for college golf teams would be completely different from professional golf. The message would then be more understood by your audience because of their position and specific interests. 


This term in marketing is always important for every brand. This brand positioning is reminding the customer of their brand values and what they have to offer. Most brand positionings are clear and concise. For example, Starbucks has great brand positioning by giving the customer a great experience. You can sit in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a coffee. They make it a good experience by personalizing the drink with your name and accommodating to your liking. This accommodation became part of Starbucks brand culture and what makes people want to go back. While positioning your brand, it’s important to use ‘niching’ down as a concept to remind yourself who you’re trying to target. You can only have an effective positioning statement by having clarity on your target audience and what their needs are. 

Next Steps 

It’s time for you to ‘niche’ down. Focus on a specific segment and create content that reaches that audience. At MSM DesignZ, inc. we are here to help you showcase your brand to its best potential. We believe it’s important to create content for your specific audience and engage with them. This unique process of ‘niching down’ will help you showcase authenticity and authority within your brand while effectively speaking to the right prospects. We can work with you to not only retain your business, but GROW it! 

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