DIY: NYC Dreamy Photographic City Overlay!

Today we’re going to learn a very simple trick that can turn any photo from ordinary to striking. This has been trending for some time now and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance any design or photography work. Open Photoshop and let’s start!

Step 1: Get the colors ready

We want a sort of vintage looking photo, so the first step we will do is turn the image black and white. To do so you just have to click Image > Black and White (in a copy of the original layer).

Step 2: Give the photo some oopmh!

To achieve that dusty film color we’re going to adjust it by applying a layer of curves above the image. Click Image > Adjustments > Curves, and move the curves lines to resemble this as much as possible.


After completing this step, we’ll want to highlight the edges of the black areas in the selected photo. We’re going to create an overlay in this case, although this step is optional and up to your discretion*

Step 3: NYC Skyline

Get a picture of the NYC Skyline that you’ll want to use as your texture/background to create the final effect. We chose this one. Select the new picture and drag it to your current workspace.

After you position it as a new layer above the picture you were working with, set the blending mode to lighten and the opacity to the layer to about an 80%. And just as easy as that, you’re done!

This is how the final product looks like!

Did you like this tutorial? We’d like to see your results!

Try it out and upload – comment us with the link for us to see!