DIY: How to Create a Summer Gold Design

Now that we are feeling how warm the weather can get in summer, we got inspired to make a quick and visually appealing effect that you will be able to implement for several graphic design projects this season. Get ready, set, GO!

1. Prepare your document, for this demonstration we will work with a 1200 x 1000 pixel canvas and a resolution of 72 dpi, which actually works best for a Facebook Social Post.

2. “Piña Colada” your background, we used this color for the base: 64ffc3, and added two different types of tropical leaves for the background. Here are the images. If you don’t remember how to make your own brushes you can always go back to our past blog: DIY: Create your own brushes!

3. This is how it looked for us after we finished. Try to make yours as close as you can to this. We separated the brush strokes into different layers, just in case we need to remove it later.

4. Now you’re ready to add your text! We used the font Bebas Neue and Krinkes Decor, (both can be found online), and added a couple of freehand vector elements that made the design more robust. Since we’re only working with the “Summer Gold” text for now, we separated the rest of the layers and put them in a folder. This will help to keep your layers window organized.

5. Give it “bling”. Look for a gold foil texture that you like for your design, we used one we found at Add it as a layer on top of the text and create a clipping mask by right clicking the texture and selecting “create clipping mask”.

Since the background is on the lighter side, we decided to pump up the volume of the text a little bit by applying a “Drop Shadow” and a “Bevel & Emboss”. To do so, right click the text and select “Blending options”. Change the values to the ones below.

6. The final product should look like this! You can add or remove any layers or use this technique for other projects. This can definitely be a good foundation for any summery design. Enjoy!

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