DIY: From Ordinary To Fantasy!

Color correction is one of the first steps to take in order to achieve a certain mood from a photo shoot. It can also make the difference from an ordinary photo to a fantasy frame! With this tutorial, we’ll walk you through simple steps in order to achieve a whimsical fantasy effect – Let’s get started!

1. Open your picture and create a layer copy.

Create a new Curves Adjustment Layer. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves.

Adjust the tones until you achieve a washed-out effect. You will want to drag the bottom dot upwards and the top dot downwards. In the middle create a “curve” with two more points.

2. Create a new Color fill Adjustment Layer.

Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Select the color blue in “overlay.” After adding this layer, click it and add a vector mask. This mask will help you erase the “blue” overlay in the region that corresponds to the girl. This will bring attention and light to this portion of the picture.




3. Copy the background layer once more.

Make sure to have the layer mode set to “multiply.”

4. Add fireflies!

Select the brush tool and from the brush panel, choose the star brush with a size of 100px. Create a new layer on top of the background copy layer, set the brush color to white, and start to draw the stars in wherever you want to place them. We believe that they look way better on the top part of the picture since we want to create the impression of “flying” fireflies. Once you are satisfied with the results, right click on your layer, go to “blending options” and add an “outer glow effect” to give it more light.

5. Make the necessary adjustments and…Done!

The result will be something like this. Easy and fast color correction, from ordinary to fantasy!

Stay tuned for more easy DIY tutorials!

Clayra Morales is a Digital Media Associate at MSM DesignZ, Inc. MSM DesignZ is a full service advertising and design firm based in Westchester County, New York.