Customized Web Design vs. Templates

Whether you choose to build a new website or re-design an existing one, a customized web design will separate you from your competition.

A customized design shows that you are serious about your business, but a cookie-cutter template design will not have the same effect. Believe it or not, your visitors will be able to decipher between a pre-designed template and a customized template.

Example#1 – Standard No Frills Template:

Here is a typical Yellow Books template web site design for an Aesthetic Clinic in which they charge anywhere from $50 to over $200 a month! There is no branding, no layout or navigation menu. After 2 years, this site can cost the owner almost $5,000.00!!!! Would you pay that for a one page design?? And the company does not even OWN THE SITE!! It’s like leasing a car, the minute you stop paying, the site comes down and you are left with nothing! Many small businesses fall into this money trap since they see a low monthly cost. Unfortunately they do not realize they are losing money until they are 2 or 3 years in and a professional web design company educates them about it.

In today’s competitive Internet marketplace, providing your consumers with a great product or service is simply not enough. You have to be able to present your business in a professional manner.  Having a customized web design will help you accomplish that goal.

Example #2 – Professional Web Design:

Aspen Aesthetic Clinics

Here we have another Aesthetic company who used to look like the company in Example 1, but were educated in the importance of custom web design. They understood the impression a professional web site can make on their visitors and clients and how it can increase profits. Aspen Aesthetics contacted MSM DesignZ to represent their international company and as you can see, it is a night and day difference compared to the cookie cutter template in Example 1. A professional site must be viewed as an investment for your business. It will serve as your online representative. And the best part, you own the site FOREVER! No lease deals here like the scams with Yellow Pages and Super Pages. WHICH SITE WOULD YOU LIKE TO REPRESENT YOU ONLINE???

Here are a few benefits of having a customized web design vs. pre-designed templates:

  1. Customized web design makes your website more unique. When you have a template, hundreds of other people in your industry may have the exact design. This is a complete turnoff to Internet consumers.
  2. Allows you to have a user-friendly website.  A pre-designed template doesn’t always allow you this luxury. You have to settle with whatever design you have purchased.
  3. You can integrate social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Some pre-designed templates may not provide you with this feature.
  4. A customized web design improves your overall web presence.  Your website will be designed with SEO in mind.
  5. Visitors will be more encouraged to return to your website in the future.

Finding the Right Custom Web Designer

Although there are many web design companies out there that provide custom web design, not all designers are created equal. Our web design team at MSM DesignZ provides thorough consultation to ensure your vision of an eye-catching website design is turned into reality.  Not all web developers provide that level of service. We truly believe in first impressions – you won’t get that second chance!

Even if your company is on a budget, that should never prevent you from having a customized web site design. A good web design company will work within your budget in order to create a masterpiece web site design for your business.



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY web design firm specializing in SEO, social media, web and graphic design and much more.