Current Trends in Digital Media Marketing: First Edition

Written by Joseph Raguso, Content Creator

Search, Video, and Display Advertisements

With the digital media landscape constantly evolving over the past decade, there have been various methods to try to successfully advertise on high traffic platforms. Amazon has been able to cultivate a successful digital media marketing strategy that has caused its ad revenue to grow 123% in the last year. Their search advertising strategy is to show a sponsored product based on what users have previously searched for. A second strategy is utilizing video ads. Traffic on Amazon’s network devices like Fire TV cause video advertisements for shows, movies, and games to pop up. The third version of advertising is to display ads. Amazon will designate a section of their website and other websites they own (such as IMDB) to advertise their multiple services. 

Tell a Story 

In October of 2013, Snapchat pioneered “stories.” Social media stories are short, tappable, and immersive collections of full-screen video and images. Brands can collaborate on the traffic strength of social media stories and curate a strategy to create an authentic ad format that reaches their desired demographic. ‘Call to action’ integrations are a big opportunity created by stories. Companies are now able to market content intended to induce a viewer to ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’. Younger audiences are vital more now than ever because of their exposure to these social media technologies at younger ages. 

Medium- Length Social Video Has Taken Off

Video advertisement spending has exploded over the past year with companies spending $10 billion more than in 2018. Mid-length content (5-20min) has been the gap within the video advertising market. A CrowdTangle survey shows that mid-length daily news shows on social media are creating increasing interaction rates (reactions, comments, and shares). While their viewership numbers are not as high as short-form content, their interaction rates are significantly higher. Interactions are a key factor for successful advertising reach and engagement. 

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