Current Trends in Digital Media Marketing: Second Edition

Written by Joseph Raguso, Content Creator

Email Campaigns Continue to Dominate

With the social media popularity surge we have witnessed over the past decade, you would think this is what companies are turning to as the dominant marketing channel because of the large traffic numbers. This does not seem to be the case, however, as email continues to reign as the top-performing marketing channel in terms of ROI, lead generation, content distribution, and other key metrics. Almost 70% of businesses are using email marketing as their campaign strategy, and 41% of businesses send them out weekly. Two main goals of using email marketing are 1) to grow a customer base, and 2) to increase engagement. Promotional emails, newsletters, company updates, and event invitations continue to be the most popular forms of email marketing for companies.

Personalized AI Messaging 

Businesses have more resources than ever at their disposal to target and tailor messages to past, present, or potential consumers. They have the ability, through artificial intelligence, to personalize a message directly to you to push a product or service they think you would like. This is all due to algorithmic models that are powered by “sense-and-respond” communications for customer interaction. These conversational marketing technologies enable interactions between companies and customers that mimic human dialogue and attempt to create a sense of responsiveness. A main benefit of messenger bots is that they are capable of retaining information, and you can use collected details to go the extra mile. For example, a Facebook Messenger bot can reach out to potential consumers personally, offering relevant content at the right time. A bot can remind a customer about those shoes still sitting in her cart, or that she sent her mother-in-law birthday flowers this time last year.

Live Video Content 

It is no secret that live video content has been seen everywhere lately, from smaller, micro-brands to global household name corporations. The main draws of live video content is 1) that it can be virtually free, and 2) the more organic the better. Live streamed content takes only a short time to create, and offers viewers real-time user engagement. It also has the ability to generate more impressions and engagement than posts shared in a newsfeed. Live video content allows brands to engage with those who are actually interested in their product or services, improve their relationship with followers, reach a broader audience, boost their social channels traffic, and see ROI almost immediately. To see an example of a company utilizing live video content, see the clip below from the live interview we conducted with our CEO and Founder, Mario, on our agency’s Instagram page. In order to further engage with our followers via organic content, we have saved the interview as a permanent post on our profile so it can be seen by those who may have missed it originally. 


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