Creating Opportunity in Times of Crisis

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

How might the Coronavirus affect your business?

Ever since “telecommuting” started, employers have debated the question of whether stay-at-home workers are more or less productive than those who sit in an office. That debate is now more relevant than ever. As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to rise, many companies are opting to send their employees home to scale back and prevent further outbreak. This is especially true for digital agencies. However, research shows that there are still some that remain, as much as 40%, still clinging to the perceived benefits of office culture. Although the epidemic is causing a lot of chaos, it’s possible this challenging period can also open doors that lead to innovation. Only time will tell what companies can adapt to this sudden change.

Adaptability is one of the most important qualities your company should have, and when something sudden happens you need to be ready. It’s all about survival of the fittest right? To survive and thrive in a rapidly changing digital world, businesses need to keep up. Change is always happening and with modern technology constantly evolving, companies need to adapt in order to stay current, relevant and in business. Being highly adaptable gives you a competitive advantage over businesses that are more fixed in their ways. Taking advantage of communication technology tools allows seamless remote work and can very well replace the need for “in-office” culture. Now that NYS is issuing an executive order making working from home mandatory for “non-essential” businesses, companies will be forced to conform and work remotely. Technology makes this a whole lot easier, so why not take advantage? There is nothing worse than being unprepared and not having the tools to adapt to sudden changes. The Coronavirus is only temporary, but technology keeps evolving, not to mention our way of life, and if your company doesn’t evolve with it, you’ll find yourself in sinking sand.

Some jobs lend better suited for remote work than others and, similarly, not everyone enjoys working from home. Differentials like these create the biggest potential hurdles for employers. The companies with stigmas against working from home are the ones who will have a harder time adjusting to this change, and there will be a learning curve. Having employees already accustomed to working remotely makes this transition much easier and a lot faster. Skeptics think that there is a certain exchange of ideas that only happen when everyone is in the same room. Many also believe that working remotely can lead to miscommunication and lower productivity levels. Although some of that can be true, agencies with an established remote policy say they’ve seen performance boosts. In fact, studies have shown that productivity improves when people are allowed periods of “deep work” and no interruptions. There are many benefits to working remotely, and both employees and business owners have perks. Employees benefit from work flexibility and lack of commute, while business owners get to enjoy the benefits of saving costs on real estate and talent. On a cultural level, it’s important for employers to make employees feel as close to the office as possible, while it’s also the employee’s job to hold themselves accountable for their output. Remote work offers a lot of opportunities for creativity and innovation. You know, as they say a crisis brings innovation and capacity. Innovation isn’t just about “the next best thing”. It’s about continuous improvement and change, and taking experience, curiosity, imagination and instincts to implement ideas that create value. The Coronavirus has sparked world-wide panic, which in turn is forcing a lot of businesses to have to think quickly and outside of the box. Look at the bigger picture, beyond the new products and services. Innovation is about a strategy and creativity around a company’s mission, values and goals. Unified communications technology makes remote work about as seamless as it can be and is replacing the need for an “in-office” culture. Using social media and online collaboration tools, while continuing to keep the highest standards possible for these modern technologies, can make a real difference for the way we work in the future. 

At MSM DesignZ, we understand the importance of embracing technology especially during this time of crisis. We will be conducting business as usual for our clients since we are able to work remotely. Our digital tools that allow us real-time teamwork, plus creative ways to stay connected with the rest of the company, as well as our clients. We want to provide our workers a safe, comfortable and convenient way to get the job done. We are a digital company after all. We hope the Coronavirus response will get more businesses to embrace technology and the virtual office. Now it’s even more important than ever for businesses to communicate with their customers to stay on top of their social presence as well as website updates. We are assisting in all areas for our clients. Visit our contact page at, and we’ll work with you to devise a custom plan that will keep your brand alive and well. We look forward to working with you!