Captivating Consumers by Telling Your Brand’s Story

When a person steps into a Ford (or a Ferarri, or a BMW) that person isn’t just entering a car that’s been developed by a faceless brand. Instead, that person is placing themselves into a storyline. A storyline that began with the research and development of that vehicle by hundreds, if not thousands of bright minds; which continued with the production and subsequent marketing of that vehicle; then, finally, ended when the vehicle wound up in the hands of a car dealer who then sold that vehicle to a consumer.

Of course, the story of that vehicle doesn’t necessarily end with the consumer. It lasts for years. It sprints through canyons, it burns through transmissions then, eventually, it ends up in the hands of someone else or just dies, having lived a long, long life. A sad story, for sure.

Sell More Than Just Products

The most successful companies — and, thus, the most successful marketing, advertising and sales — are often those which tell stories about their brands. Sure, there is undoubtedly some success to be had in convincing people that your brand makes superior products to its competitors, but, for most people, that sort of message won’t resonate as anything important or life-changing, and it certainly won’t be very memorable.

But the brands that are truly successful in setting themselves apart from their competitors are those that — instead of trying to oust their competitors with a better product — instead focus on themselves. They tell stories about how consumers can, and have used their products for years. They tell stories about how they were founded, and about how they have overcome hardships throughout the years. They convince people that they are great not only because their products are great, but because they have fascinating stories behind those products. Just look at some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Starbucks, Apple and Budweiser. These brands are some of the best storytellers in the world.

How to Find Your Brand’s Story

But of course discovering and then crafting that story is rarely easy. Not every brand has necessarily overcome any serious challenges, or crafted a product with an impeccable attention to detail. Even so, there is no such thing as too bland of a brand. Within every company lies potential for a captivating story.

But in order to find that story, you might have to do some serious thinking. For one, consider how your brand came about: Through a lucky break, hard work, while working for another similar brand?

Then consider how customers interact with your brand. How long have they been associating with you? What sort of a connection do you have with them? Ask them, how would they describe your brand? Doing some research, of course, wouldn’t hurt to find out what people might be saying about you.

Finally, how would you describe your brand? What are you trying to do for your customers, and what are you trying to do for your community? What’s different about your brand? This can be the simplest, most subtle thing.

Then Just Write It

With that information in mind, you can now start writing your brand’s story. Write something that is both interesting, relevant and captivating. Something that sets you apart from everyone else, while simultaneously tugging on their heartstrings. A story  that, if someone read, they’d be surely captivated by and memorize for years.

Those brands that are able to create interesting stories about their brands are also the ones that capture the most interest, are the most memorable and, when it’s all said and done, the most successful. As much as we buy into brands for how much better their products are than others, stories are truthfully what keeps us intrigued by and constantly interested in those brands.

What is your brand’s story?