Can Businesses Successfully Utilize Snapchat?


Snapchat, the messaging application that allows users to send images, videos, text, and drawings that disappear after a certain amount of time viewed, has seen growth at a speed unlike any other app. Originally named Pictaboo, Snapchat managed to surpass Twitter in number of followers in 2014, just three years after its launch. It is now the third most popular social media network among millennials and recently turned down a $3 billion dollar buyout offer from Facebook. All this is great for Snapchat and the millennials that know how to use it but the real question is can the application successfully be used on a business professional level and how?

The answer to this is absolutely! Snapchat allows businesses to create and maintain that personal relationship with followers that most social media networks strive for. Of course, different businesses will want to use the app in different ways. Check out this list of advantages that Snapchat offers and how they can help your business:

1. Creating a Snap Story

The Snap Story, which consists of either pictures or videos taken with the ability to be watched for a 24 hour period, is a great asset of snapchat for businesses. Instead of having to select every follower in order for them to see a Snapchat, businesses can simply add it to their story and reach their entire audience.

2. Real Time Coverage

Since Snapchats happen in real time, you can give your followers the feeling that they are closer to what’s going on. As opposed to seeing something a day later, followers are able to keep up with what’s happening at an event just as it happens.

3. Behind the Scenes

A lot of the video coverage that users see on snapchat are of things that they wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. This behind-the-scenes aspect is a special treat for users; whether it be of a celebrity getting ready or the behind the curtain workings of an event.

4. Reach a young audience

There’s an undeniable abundance of millennials using snapchat. If you’re looking to reach a younger audience, Snapchat is basically a pot of gold.

5. Coupons

If your business has used paper coupons before, taking the step to digital ones can offer greater audience reach. Similar to 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt chain, businesses can have followers snapchat the business a picture of themselves at the venue, then the business can snapchat them a coupon that they must bring to the register and open and then use upon check out.

Snapchat’s advantages have only recently been observed from a business standpoint but it’s obvious that there are many now and more to come!

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