Business Blogging for Better Ranks

What is the goal of your business?  If your answer is to increase profits then you will want to increase your brand exposure.  Search engine optimization is a critical tool for success.  SEO plays a crucial element in increasing your brand audience.  In the competitive world of SEO, you can use a business blog to better your business’ SEO because search engines rank web pages, not websites.  Consider each blog post as a new web page and an opportunity to increase your rank position.

Now that you understand the role your blog has on your business’ rank in search engines, here are a few tips to help maximize your results:

  1. Blog title: The most important element in how well your page ranks is the title.  The title must incorporate your best keywords because search engines give more weight to the first three words in your title, so consider this when brainstorming title ideas.
  2. Keyword use:  It is beneficial for a keyword or phrase to be within the first sentence or two of your blog.  If it is throughout your post, as well, your page will rank higher.  Put this word or phrase in your meta-description, meta-tags, image alt-tags and anywhere else you can think of.
  3. Link pages to website: Link pages that are appropriate to your blog post to your website.  This will help increase the search visibility of your web pages.

Utilizing every possible way to increase your search engine rank will benefit your business.  Ultimately your business will see an increase in brand exposure, website traffic, thus increasing profits.  Now isn’t that your ultimate business goal?


Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY SEO company specializing in social media, web and graphic design, and advertising.