Beckwith Pointe’s American Idol: Pia Toscano

Have you been keeping up with season 10 of American Idol? If not, you may want to tune in. Tonight this season’s top 11 finalists must not only focus on their vocals; they must impress the judges while simulanteously capturing the heart and support of America. Okay so this may not be reason enough to miss the next episode of Modern Family, however, you definitely don’t want to miss Pia Toscano’s performance. She received this season’s first standing ovation from Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson for her powerful rendition of “I’ll Stand By You”. Not only is she talented and receiving positive feedback from the A.I. judges, she is from our local area!!!

Pia Toscano is the lead singer of Beckwith Pointe’s house band. If you don’t already know, Beckwith Pointe is a private club located in New Rochelle, NY. If you visit, you will have easy access to information about the beach club and catering services all while simultaneously viewing beautiful photos which showcase Beckwith Pointe’s relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Since 2006, MSM DesignZ has been working with Beckwith Pointe in efforts to translate the environment of the physical location to a pleasurable experience on the web. Hopefully if you haven’t had the chance to visit where Pia Toscano first developed her talent, you feel as though you have through the website.

Tonight on American Idol, the top 11 finalists will be performing songs by Elton John. The pressure is on! Show some support for Beckwith’s Pia Toscano. Every vote counts!! Let your voice be heard!!!