Apple Releases New iOS 8: Developers Review

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Out with the old, in with the new! Apple has released their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (for those who like extra room when it comes to the screen) and with the cellphones we had to expect a huge iOS update – iOS 8. We have to say, it might be an attempt to just “catch up”, but it certainly gives the iPhone and iPad users a better experience. This time around, iOS 8 is all about adding functionality to the iPhone and iPad. Some of the new features include:

  • Continuity: Starting something on one device and finishing it on another is now possible! iOS 8 makes possible to send and receive calls on MacBook if the iPhone is in other room (with FaceTime). Also, Airdrop is finally available to share among multiple devices (iPad to MacBook, MacBook to Phone, etc.). This is extremely useful if you are working on something at the office and want to continue it in your house.
  • Extensibility: This is one of the best improvements! Developers are now able to create apps that can interact with another apps. How? By adding extensions, iOS 8 has opened the platform significantly (something that Android users experimented for a long time). Also, custom keyboards are now a reality which allows you to replace the stock option. This tool also gives devices access to the bottom of row icons, known as action items. Finally, Transmit, a file-management system, offers the ability to save any file type to an FTP server directly! Sweet! However, some of the negatives are that even though the platform is a little more open, developers still don’t have the ability to add extensions or modify Control Center widgets on the springboard. Guess you can’t have everything, but at least this is a step in the right direction.
  • HomeKit: Lets you name products, rooms, houses and functions, so Siri can recognize them and respond to requests. This is another attempt to catch up in this market.
  • Health: HealthKit, is a feature that appeals to us the most, this tool will be the core to integrate compatible Apps for iPhone and iPads regarding workout and performance monitoring; it’s a central hub of sorts where all collected data comes together.
  • Keyboards: A new predictive-typing engine was added, is called QuickType and adapts to various writing styles based on whom you’re talking to and which app you’re using. Also, the swipe option, as seen in some Android models, has finally been integrated!
  • Manual Camera Controls: The camera, as well as the keyboard can also be updated with manual camera controls of third-party apps; Extensibility also allows these features to tie in directly with the Photo App.

Apple has also opened Touch ID to developers, which means the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner can now do a lot more than simply unlock your device and verify iTunes purchases. Now, apps can use Touch ID to authenticate their own services and support for Touch ID as another layer of security, much like 1Password will be able to do with its auto fill feature. The new update also includes the ability to record your iOS screen when your device is connected to a Mac — as long as it’s running OS X Yosemite.


For the hardcore “techies” out there, Swift, a new programming language has been integrated and promises to take the C out of Objective-C, and provide REPL and Playground features to make programming more accessible to everyone.

What do you think about all these changes? Give us your opinion!



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