The Rebirth of an Ancient Site

When you think of social media what comes to mind? Facebook? Twitter? Maybe even Instagram? What about Myspace?

Myspace was the top social media site back in the day, but took a huge plunge for the worst once Facebook and Twitter came onto the scene and grew to be more popular.

Just like everyone else, I dumped Myspace for other social sites because it didn’t undergo any kind of update to keep my interest. However, after seeing the new layout, it’s pretty hard to keep hating the ancient site.

But before we get into the now, let’s revisit the old Myspace days for a bit for comparison sake.

It’s safe to say most people had a MySpace. It was the latest fad that people took part in because you could connect with your friends no matter where they were. What most people, including myself, liked about it was how customizable it was. Every page you went to was different, and for those who were HTML savvy, had decked out profiles.

Let’s not forget the “Top 8” for your friends list – now don’t act like you didn’t sit at your computer carefully choosing who was worthy to be on top. It was such a huge deal along with the music playlist on your profile. Why? Because everything on your profile represented who you were, or at least who you wanted to be seen as.

Fast forwarding to present day – the redesign of Myspace is just that – a complete redesign. But if you’re one who likes to reminisce or you just love the classic layout don’t worry, the option is still available to revert back to the old layout.

This new Myspace is sleeker with a minimalistic approach. Users can still customize their profiles, but to an extent unlike the old Myspace, where customization was pretty much a free-for-all. It’s now limited to a cover background and basic color changes.

With music still being the focal point of the site, you can still discover new artists and songs, but now you can even connect with the artists themselves. An audio player, which is pinned to the bottom of your screen no matter which page you’re on within the site, is one of the newer features and makes it easier to add music to personalized playlists know as “mixes”. A “mix” doesn’t stop with just music, however, and can be an album of anything from photos to statuses.

I’ll be honest; I was impressed by the redesign, and I also think it’s pretty convenient that you can connect existing Twitter or Facebook accounts to make a log-in for the new Myspace. It’s more of a social media site, giving users the ability to share videos, photos, and of course, music. But do we really need a rebirth of an old social media site?

What I like about the new Myspace is that it doesn’t resemble other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Instead, it’s a whole new approach that fits the focus of Myspace – music. So if it’s unlike current social media sites, can Myspace shake the bad rep it’s gotten in the past years – we’ll see.



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