6 Tips For Email Marketing

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

Are you using your email campaigns effectively to deliver personalized content towards your audience? According to Pathwire research, 84 percent of consumers say they check their emails at least once a day. That provides great opportunities to get your company or brand in front of a lot of people.  

So, what are the best tips for your emails to create more engagement and clicks towards your website? We’re going to discuss 6 tips to help you convert your emails into more leads. 

Use Personalization

The fact is personalization works. Don’t be one of those companies that is not living up to their customers expectations when it comes to being more personal. This can be as simple as including the recipient’s first name in the subject line, or contacting people on occasions such as their birthday. In addition, be sure to email from a person and not a business because this will ensure a name is clear to the recipient when it appears on their inbox.  

Write a catchy subject line 

The subject line is the first thing the recipient reads when they see your email. You want to make sure it’s relevant and attention grabbing. You can grab attention with: personalization, emojis, humor, hinting, and cliffhangers. This is where you hint at the content you’re promoting within the email. With creative subject lines, the open rate tends to be higher. 

Include relevant links

We advise you to include relevant and specific links in your email. This will lead your subscribers to new and updated content that you’re promoting. You don’t want to repeat the same routine for every email. You can also include social media handles, so people can find your brand easily online. Although, you only want to include the platforms you are active on to make sure the content is up-to-date, and you are responsive. 

Consider interactivity 

You can include interactivity in your email by inviting people to swipe, click, tap or watch. You can also include videos and gifs. More consumers are showing interest in gifs and live videos. 

Audit and clean your email lists 

It’s important to look at your database and clean it up. Make sure you have permission to use every email address you have on your lists. If someone has unsubscribed, make sure to take them off any active lists. If you have some inactive email subscribers, reach out to them to try and re-engage and offer to remove them if it’s no longer relevant. It’s better to have a smaller database of interested prospects than a lot of uninterested people. 

Have a good UI and UX 

You want to include user experience and user interface within your email campaigns because the goal at the end of the day is to engage your audience. This means to include simple CTA and clear design formats. Consistency is crucial. You could also optimize for mobile to ensure that any touchpoint is mobile-friendly.

How MSM Digital Can Help You

We know how successful email marketing can be. With our team, you can expect the best layouts and design for your emails. We can create content, and set up your email for ultimate success. We want to uncover your brands “it” factor and present uniqueness, so we can grab the attention of the ideal target audience. Let’s work together! Contact us today to get started.