6 Myths About Social Media Marketing

By Samantha Coppola, Social Media Content Creator at MSM DesignZ, Inc. Source: Shutterstock215548927

Although social media and content marketing may seem like 2 completely separate topics,  they actually work very well when used in conjunction with one another. Think of social media as fire and content as gasoline. When the two are used together simultaneously, it can create an explosive and fiery result!

Whatever your brand may be, social media can be a powerful tool to utilize. However, when it comes to marketing your company, products or services, it can be a challenge to stand out from your competitors on various social media platforms. With so many businesses from various industries active on social networks, it is important as a brand to have a strong social media strategy along with outstanding content in order to be successful on your social networks. You want to make sure you are unique in your approach.

According to Business 2 Community, 98% of digital consumers are involved with social media and 71% of small businesses actively use social media.

However, a lot of myths have developed on the significance of social media marketing, and we’re here to bust those myths! Here are 6 very common social media marketing myths, and the truth about them: 1- “Social Media Marketing is free”

It may not seem like it, but there is more to marketing on social media than just uploading a photo, sharing an article or posting a link to your website on your profile pages. It is important to understand that social media marketing demands time, attention, research, and hard work.

In order for the marketing efforts on your pages to be effective and successful, you as a brand must make time and be fully committed to staying up-to-date with your social media activity and marketing.  Developing and implementing strategies, following up on questions from your followers, and monitoring your various accounts for comments is very time-consuming. Not to mention researching content, designing and creating graphics, and analyzing results are tasks that also take up time. And you know what they say? Time is money!

So whether you hire a professional to handle the marketing of your brand or you yourself take on the responsibility, there’s usually some sort of financial expenses that go into being able to run a profitable and successful social media page.“You should be active on all social networks and platforms”

2- “You should be active on all social networks and platforms”

From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn, there are numerous social networks your business can be active on. But not all platforms are designed the same, nor would they necessarily all be beneficial for your company or marketing efforts. You don’t want to make the false assumption that every social media platform will be profitable for your brand.


When deciding which social networks your business should be involved with, you want to take into consideration which platforms your target audience and demographic are most active on. Once you figure out where your customers and potential customers are, you can target those social media channels and utilize them in correspondence to your brand’s marketing efforts. The purpose of social media marketing is to help you connect and build relationships with your ideal clients. It would be a waste of time and effort to market on a social media platform that your target audience is not active on. So in short, you do not need to be active on every social channel. Choosing maybe two or three to focus on would be more than enough.

3- “Social media is not measurable”


This myth is just completely inaccurate and ridiculous. Social media is absolutely measurable. Multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer you metrics you can track through your business profile. Through the various social platforms your business is active on, you can monitor and evaluate your brand’s marketing efforts. You can measure and track insights such as:

  • How content you’ve posted is performing

  • New leads

  • Conversions

  • Visits to your website

  • Specific campaigns and ads

You can even track engagement on posts, see who’s liked and followed your business profile, times you audience is most active on that social platform and more. By having these metrics, you can evaluate and analyze which marketing efforts of yours are working and which ones are not. Through these insights, you can then determine how to improve your marketing efforts, what to change, what to continue doing and maintain etc. It is clear that in order to see how your brand’s social media marketing efforts are performing, social media must be and is most definitely measurable.

4- “Social media marketing efforts should ONLY be about your products and services”

via GIPHY No, no, no! Should you have promotional messages and content in your social media marketing strategy? Yes. Should this be the only type of content you promote on your social channels? Absolutely not. If you go down this route, you will definitely lose followers on your business profiles. The purpose of using social media channels for your company is to create brand awareness, build upon your reputation and identity as a brand, as well as to possibly bring in new, potential customers/clients. Your social media posts should reflect your expertise in an industry, your awareness of the world around you, and your ability to share content that your followers find relevant and helpful. The reality is is that people don’t want to be blasted and constantly targeted with sales and marketing pitches. Your target audience wants to feel like you value them; that they are of importance and significance. And you do this by finding our their needs and wants; what kind of content they want to see on your business profiles. Perhaps your ideal content is a mixture of being educational, entertaining, humorous and informative. You can share and create a wide variety of content formats; videos, polls, links to industry articles, celebrations of national days/holidays, content series and more. Initially, the more variety you have and the more creativeness you give, the better!

5- “Lots of likes and a large follower count equals success”

Often, businesses will judge their competitors’ social success and compare it to their own based on the number of fans, followers and page likes they have. Although fans and followers are important to any social channel, having a large following on various social media platforms doesn’t mean that your marketing efforts are or have been successful.
via GIPHY It may seem like the most important goal to achieve with your social media pages is to have as many fans and followers as possible. But with social media marketing, that is not necessarily the case. One can easily get hundreds and thousands of followers on their social media platforms, but the hard part is engaging and interacting with them. The followers that you have on your social media pages who are liking your posts, commenting, sharing, clicking to your website and so on are the ones that are really interested in what you have to say; those followers are the ones who value you, and you should value them too. You can have a small social media community and still be very successful as a business. As long are you are engaging and interacting with your followers and fans. Users and followers of your pages who are taking the time to stop and see what you are saying are typically the ones who are more interested in your company and value your brand, knowledge and expertise. This means that those followers have a sense of trust in you. And when you have trust with your followers and fans, they are more likely to invest in your product or service. They may even share your information with someone they know who could be a new, potential customer or client to your business. 6- “The more content you post, the better”

Have you ever heard of the saying sometimes less is more? That can absolutely relate to posting content and with your social media marketing efforts. You don’t ever want to over post or post too much. You want to make sure that when you are sharing information that it is relevant, interesting and most importantly, valuable to your followers and customers.

Posting content regularly on you social media pages is key; posting too much or too little can have a negative effect on your social media marketing efforts. If you post too much, you may not get as much engagement as you would like, or you may even lose followers as a result of posting content excessively.


You also want to be aware of the kind of content you are sharing to your various social media pages. You may not want to necessarily post the same type of content to all of your business pages. Each social media platform is different, so depending on what platforms you are active on, you want to tailor your content in a way that compliments that platform. You also want to make sure you are choosing content that will do well on that specific platform, meaning choose content that your audience will like, react to and engage with!

Whether you’re sharing tips, a video or article with your followers, the most important thing to remember is that you want the content to pair well and compliment the platform it is being posted on.

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