5 TikTok Myths You Should Know About

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

TikTok has become one of the most interactive platforms from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The short videos produce more engagement and activity within users. Although, there are myths about TikTok that you should know about when deciding whether this app should be on your marketing roster. Let’s dive in. 

1st Myth:

TikTok audience is too young. 

Some brands mistakenly assume that the platform is for young teens and young adults. TikTok did explode during the early pandemic by the Gen Z crowd because everyone was quarantined at home. However, it is now growing into Millennials and Gen X’ers. In fact, 36% of TikTok users in 2021 were between 35 and 54 years old, a 10% increase from the year before. We predict as 2023 approaches, more and more people will use TikTok to its advantage of light-hearted and educational content. 

2nd Myth:

If your brand is “serious” TikTok isn’t for you.

TikTok does have a reputation of being quirky and lighthearted. But if your brand is on the serious side, don’t let this scare you away. Instead, try approaching your brand from a different angle. There are sides of TikTok that is used for educational and conversational purposes. It also resonates with the algorithm. You want to target the right audience by using hashtags and connecting with other users in your niche. That is why if you’re a “serious” brand, it does not matter because you can still be successful on the app. 

3rd Myth

You need a lot of followers to go viral. 

On TikTok, anyone can go viral. No matter how many followers you have, a great video can still get millions of views. But how? Its viral nature is a direct result of TikTok’s algorithm. Just like Instagram or Facebook, the algorithm works similar. It pinpoints users that may enjoy specific content based on their search history, hashtag searches, and current location. Then, the algorithm will push the video to your feed, or “For You Page.” What’s even more unique about TikTok is if there are a lot of engagement and shares, the algorithm will put the video on more users feed. So in this sense, the engagement rate on TikTok is great for all users, no matter the amount of followers an account has. 

4th Myth

Because TikTok videos are short, users are less engaged. 

TikTok is known for it’s short and a bit sized content. It’s assumed that since the videos are shorter, users spend less time on the app. This is far from the truth. In fact, TikTok has an average user session of 10.85 minutes and users in the U.S. open the TikTok app 8 times a day on average. 

5th Myth

TikTok is only for lip-syncing and dancing.

While these trends are apparent on the app, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. As TikTok’s audience diversifies, so does its content. You can now find content within any niche. It all depends on your search history and what you watch the most on the app. For example, some of the most popular TikTok categories include cooking recipes, home DIY’s, fitness, beauty/skincare, fashion, and life hacks. Many brands are involved with TikTok trends, but make it unique to their specific audience. 

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