5 Statistics about Gen Z That Can Help Brands More Effectively Target Consumers

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

Generation Z is the age group between 10-25. They are moving into the consumer spotlight and have a set of preferences when it comes to what they like. This generation is known to be digitally native, so whenever you have a question about technology or what’s the latest trend, Gen Z can answer in no time. Also, nearly all Gen Z individuals own a smartphone. This is interesting and a good time for social commerce because almost everyone is online. But, what are Gen Z’s characteristics? What should brands know when trying to tailor content and messaging? Brands should always have an online presence when talking to a Gen Z target audience, and remain authentic. This age group wants to see quality over quantity. 

  • 41% of Gen Zers take action when seeing a sponsored ad. 

It is said that one-fourth of the younger population automatically click sponsored ads. 30% make an online purchase and 20% make an offline purchase. This 20% is a large portion of consumers who shop online and can be influenced by sponsored ads. Brands should consider this as an effective way to reach Gen Z. 

  • In the U.S., Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of consumers. 

Data has shown that brands should market to millennials and Gen Z because of their relevant action in society. Although, it still holds true that targeting post-millenials will be crucial for the success of businesses. 

  • 43% of Gen Zers participate in product review. 

Reviews are crucial to Gen Z when looking at a brand. Showcasing your reviews on your website or even social media is a good way to build the trust Gen Z is looking for. 

  • 71% of Gen Z spend more than three hours or more a day on their phone. 

Whether it be social media, watching videos or playing games, Gen Z is known to spend hours a day on their smartphone. Google Statistics states that 52% of all teens spend their time watching videos and 42% spend more than three hours a day playing games. 

  • 97% of Gen Z learn about new products from social media. 

This is a high percentage that most of Gen Z can be influenced on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. For brands to reach this target audience, it can be beneficial to tailor your content on these platforms regularly. 

How to Tailor Content to Reach Gen Z 

There are many ways you can tailor content to reach this generation because of their interest in online platforms. In 2022, audio and video content has been booming. TikTok and Instagram Reels is the most popular way to make content that engages this audience. Gen Z tends to reject traditional advertising because of their mobile-first mindset. Creating video and audio content would be a good way to show the authenticity of a brand and also showcase the brand voice. Gen Z values this. In addition, you can tailor your content by making a hook. To catch Gen Z’s eye, the content shouldn’t be informative but also be fast. Keep it to the point! 

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