5 Simple Ways B2B Businesses Can Start Using Pinterest Now

Pinterest is growing, for sure. Over the course of the past few months alone, Pinterest has gone from being a tiny, niche social network, to being one of the most rapidly growing ones. The reason for its rapid growth, many have suggested, is that it emphasizes pictures, and positions itself as a discovery network more than any other network. And, despite the fact that Pinterest users are still mostly female, it is still slated to continue its rapid growth as niche social networking site (and possibly far beyond that). Already, it has had huge success in driving referral traffic towards other websites, accounting for as much as 3.6 of that traffic on the Internet.

And yet, it is still very much a tool that is utilized by businesses such as clothing stores, restaurants and other similar businesses that deal directly with consumers. In that regard, many businesses that are strictly on the B2B side of things have kind of been left in the dust, and left wondering, just how, they can utilize Pinterest. 

Worry not, though. Despite the fact that Pinterest is certainly a website that caters towards (and rewards) consumer-centric businesses, there are still plenty of opportunity for B2B businesses to make their own mark on the niche network. Here are a few simple ways B2B businesses can use the service for themselves.

Pin Inspirations

One easy way for B2B businesses to start developing pinboards is to focus on things that inspire them as a business owner. Whether they be designs, quotes or simply individuals, creating pinboards that focus on these inspiration (and are inspiring to others) is a great way to get your business name out there, while showing individuals on the huge networking site what sort of things inspire you.

Pin The Products You Use

Certainly, in and outside of the office, there are wide varieties of products that your businesses uses for productivity and otherwise. So consider developing a pinboard for all of the products and supplies that you use in and outside of the office. Office supplies, computers and even applications — simply put, show people what you use to be productive and efficient in and around the office.

Pin Intriguing Readings

Reading a good book, or an entertaining blog post, or a convincing editorial, most of the time you would just turn to a typical social network like Facebook or Twitter or such. But because on pin it you can pin just about anything, it also stands as a great platform to share readings. Ensure, though, that these aren’t merely run-of-the-mill how-tos or other simple readings. Make sure they are intriguing, unique and something that people would want to read.

Pin Office Eats

This one’s simple: Pin interesting recipes or food items that you find around the web that you have enjoyed, recipes you find inspiring or interesting, and places you would love to take the office out to. In general, though, stick to attractive pictures of finished food. Those generally draw more attention.

Pin Your Future

Finally, pin key items that you would love to see your office headed in the future. Say you want to head to a conference, or a new office location (or maybe even vacation), these would all be great items to include. If you want to completely renovate your office with new equipment or you find inspiring office design, pin those. Anything that you could think of that would be important and inspiration in the development of the future of your business could certainly go here.

Finally, Be Interesting And Active

And yet, easily the most important thing to note about Pinterest is that the most responsive and engaging pinboards are often those that are interesting, unique or breathtaking in some way. And those accounts that are often the most-followed are also some of the most active and engaged, providing feedback or comments on other pinboards.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways in which any B2B business can break into the niche social network that is Pinterest. The easiest way is to just start pinning, become familiar with the network, and gauge and react from there.



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY Social Media company specializing in advertising, web and graphic design, and SEO.