4 Easy Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Your business is running, you website looks good, then you notice that traffic does not happen by default. What to do?

Well, you must put your website out there by making it easy to find through search engines. But still if you are not an expert on it, Anthony Terlizzi our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager, shares these easy tips on how to increase website traffic. Put them into practice to attract visitors to your web page and let us know how it goes by commenting below.

1-    Get on the social game

One of the most important assets of an online presence is the implementation of social media profiles.  These websites have an extremely high Domain Authority in Google and will always rank towards the top of the search listings.  Users can easily access these social profiles and then simply click on the link to your website if they are interested in what they see.  Therefore your website address should be clearly pointed out in all your social media profiles.

2-    Make it responsive and mobile friendly

Another tip would be to ensure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly.  A responsive website is one that responds appropriately to user behavior and whatever interface a user may be using (mobile, tablet, desktop) and also takes into consideration the screen size the user may be using. All websites designed at MSM DesignZ are responsive, so that they look the same wherever a user may be viewing it. Google is not interested in ranking websites that are not user friendly so it will be hard for your website to get the attention it deserves if it needs some work.

3-    Improve your site speed

Site speed has also become an important factor in Google’s latest ranking algorithm.  Google offers free tools to check a website’s speed such as PageSpeed Insights, and to see if it is considered mobile friendly or not.  It is always important to optimize images for web use, because most of the time they are too big and cause slower connections. It is also crucial to have expert guidance while getting your website running, in order to minimize and consolidate unnecessary code since it could also affect the site speed.

4-    Say it on a video

The use of videos can really boost your web traffic.  Videos are extremely user friendly.  Most users would rather watch a video than read a paragraph of text.  Videos can also be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rank well in the search engines.  It is easy to mention your website at the end of the video clip and to include a link in the description so users can learn more on your website.