3 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Right Now

Blogging has seemingly always been the black sheep of the writing world. Undoubtedly, it has been an intriguing way for individuals to share their opinions on a wide variety of topics, but it’s also something that has been labeled as having limited credibility. Something that most anyone can freely do if they have access to a computer or smart phone for free. And further, there are no requirements like having a Masters in Journalism or having proven that you can report things accurately and objectively.

And of course part of that is because blogging isn’t necessarily reporting. Sure, it is a very similar to it, and in some examples, blogs have even replaced standard print media (just look at the Huffington Post), but for the most part blogging is just about simply writing.¬†Sharing something intriguing or interesting or relevant. Sharing something useful that people will want to share with others.

Yet some businesses neglect to do that. They feel that blogging is too large of an undertaking for their business to pursue, so they simply refuse to create a blog. But here are just a few reasons why that mentality is a huge mistake for all businesses.

1. Blogging Lets You Position Yourself As an Expert

Because blogging is such no holds barred arena, so to speak, there isn’t necessarily just one thing that individuals and businesses have to stick to in writing their blog. They can share news about their company, speak on relevant events or topics surrounding their type of business or, better yet, they can even position themselves as a credible, and even brilliant expert in their field.

No longer are white papers and research journals the only methods of exhibiting professional expertise in the fields surrounding your profession. So, whether you are a doctor with a private practice or a plumber with his own business, using your expertise in your field to write professional, useful tips for individuals is a great way to get your name out into your community (and to the world), while simultaneously positioning yourself as intelligent and capable expert. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that that blog has a potential market of hundreds of millions of readers.

2. Blogging Can Become a Huge Part of Your Content Strategy

Engagement through social media is almost always driven by some form of content: An intriguing article, a cute photo or a funny video. But blogs, too, are an excellent way to provide content to followers and fans through social networks because they (ideally) give them something brief but interesting to read.

And blogging can become a huge part of your strategy. If you blog one, two, or three times a week, after just a few weeks you can provide Twitter followers and Facebook fans with plenty of interesting blogs that you wrote. 

3. Blogging Develops Trust, Which Sells Customers

The other week, my mother was searching for a building for a house that was an expert in green energy housing. After a few weeks of looking around, she settled on a few and decided to speak with them individually on the project. All of them seemed fairly competent in the field of green energy, but one stood out particularly because he had written extensively on the subject and, further, maintained a blog emphasizing that expertise.

Guess who she picked? Because that builder has written so extensively on the subject, both in magazines and through his blog, my mom felt that she could trust him. She became familiar with his blog and after reading it quite extensively she knew that he was the right fit. The other two builders didn’t maintain blogs, and therefore missed out on a huge opportunity.

But there are plenty of other reasons why you should be blogging. It’s also great for thought processing and coming up with ideas that are relevant to your field, it helps you improve as a writer and it helps you become much more familiar and confident in making lists and creating concise, simple distillations of often complex ideas.

It can also be hugely beneficial for business. Most businesses, at some point or another, have something to write about. Something interesting that has irked them or piqued their interest as of late, and something that they can share with the world. So why not share it?