3 Major Companies that are Crushing the Podcast Game

Written by Joseph Raguso, Content Creator

The podcast landscape has seen a massive revolution in the last few years and is not expected to slow down anytime soon! There are over 750,000 active podcasts in 2019 and 32% of Americans are reported to listen to podcasts at least once a month. Brands are beginning to tap into this market! 

According to Small Biz Genius, businesses spent over $497 million on podcast advertising last year alone. Brands that advertise their products and services on their business podcasts, even subtly, have seen an average 14% rise in purchase intent. 

These statistics don’t lie; podcasting provides brands with a great platform to help grow audiences and increase brand recognition. Major companies such as Sephora, Blue Apron, and Spotify have all had success with their podcasts and have created a strong brand relationship between them and their listeners.

Blue Apron

In 2017, meal kit delivery company, Blue Apron, launched its first ever podcast, “Why We Eat What We Eat”. The podcast aims to explore the anthropology behind some of America’s biggest food trends. Episodes deep dive into the evolution of some of our favorite dinner staples, like kale or quinoa, what makes a picky eater, and what it truly means to throw a potluck dinner. Frances Harlow, the Creative Director of the podcast’s parent company, shares, “With ‘Why We Eat What We Eat,’ our goal is to tell stories that will resonate with people who have never turned on their ovens, as much as with professional food bloggers.” One thing is inarguable: listeners are happily taking a big bite of this podcast! 


#LIPSTORIES, a podcast created by Girlboss Radio in partnership with Sephora, features guests who recount their favorite memories—from childhood to today—where they felt beautiful, powerful, or like their best selves. Each podcast episode features an influential woman telling her own #LIPSTORIES and seeks to encourage other female leaders, creators, and activists. The #LIPSTORIES podcast takes a strong approach to content marketing, using a makeup product to communicate an important and empowering message through engaging and uplifting stories that resonate with consumers on an emotional level.


Because Spotify is a broadcasting platform within itself, this podcast differs from its competition. Spotify launched its first podcasts in 2017 and they can all be found–you guessed it–on Spotify!  UNPACKED, one of the platform’s more popular choices, gives listeners exclusive access to some of the world’s hottest events and music festivals. It features interviews with influential creatives at each festival highlighted. Also worth checking out from Spotify is Showstopper, which gives an in-depth look at how music supervisors connect songs with television. 

We think Spotify + podcasting = a match made in audio heaven.

Our Take

Podcasting gives an organic voice to a variety of brands that can allow them to generate fresh content, as well as displaying a consistent brand voice. This medium also gives brands the opportunity to build loyalty with their consumers. When a company’s potential patrons see that a brand is interested in informing them and keeping their best interest in mind, they will eventually grow to trust the brand as a whole. The most important thing to remember when podcasting is not to focus on selling a product; consumers will see right through a thinly veiled sales pitch. If you are going to begin a podcast for your brand, remember to find ways to let your company’s personality and authenticity shine.

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