3 Easy tips to grow your social following through live video

Once upon a time, it was just Snapchat. But then Periscope, Instagram, Facebook and all the others started a hype around live streaming that has everyone sharing and sharing live and personal stories. Using these features is very easy, but we have a few tips that will help you seize these platforms to grow your social following. Keep them in mind before preparing your next live stream!

-Act like a pro: Whoever is assigned to be the face in a company’s live video will gain exposure. Therefore this person must represent the values of the company, must have outstanding communication skills, must be confident in front of the camera, and must have a great knowledge of the company’s business not only the topic of the live stream. If you present yourself as a reliable source, your followers will recommend your videos to other followers.


-Have a response strategy: Live streaming might become confusing as people start shooting questions at once. Make sure to plan wisely the duration of your presentation, dedicating 30 seconds to a minute every once in a while to respond to questions. Apologize for not being able to answer all the questions but use this as an opportunity to invite people to visit your website, follow you, or subscribe to a newsletter.


-Keep a constant call to action: Ask your viewers to continue inviting friends and to join you in the next live streaming (mention the date). Keep the announcements constant through your network prior to the live streaming date and time. Calls to action are the real deal here and the main purpose of all social media advertising strategies. Whatever is the ultimate response you want to get from your followers, don’t hesitate to ask for it!


Bonus tip: Study the platforms: Facebook Live, for example, allows viewers to send broadcast invitations to friends. It also offers them the option to turn on notifications to receive an alert every time your business goes live on the platform. Using the Facebook Live API, you can even schedule Live broadcasts and build up an audience to create expectation before your streaming time. It is good to understand which tools are available on each network in order to maximize the results of your actions.